The world of NiGHTS into Dreams... in Worlds Unite

NiGHTS (ナイツ Naitsu) is a video game series from Sega that started with the release of NiGHTS into Dreams... for Sega Saturn in 1996. In this series, when people go to sleep, their consciousness travel to another plane called the Night Dimension, where two other worlds are present. One is a world of fun containing dreams, "Nightopia". The other is a terrible place called "Nightmare". Every night humans visit one of those worlds, and when they awake they believe it was simply a fantasy, being unaware that it is real. This series appeared with Mega Man in the Archie Comics crossover Worlds Unite.

Archie Comics



During the event Worlds Unite, the world of NiGHTS into Dreams... is one of the many invaded by Sigma's army of revived Mavericks, where Storm Eagle and Storm Owl attack NiGHTS and Reala while they were dueling in the Dream Gate. When Miles "Tails" Prower and Air Man arrive to help, NiGHTS and Reala defeat the Mavericks and the two visitors ask if they want to join the battle against Sigma. NiGHTS gladly agrees, but Reala only goes due to Wizeman ordering the Nightmaren to assist them and make Sigma pay for his arrogance.




Characters that appeared in Mega Man related media.

  • NiGHTS - The protagonist and titular character, a being created by Wizeman to serve its master. However, NiGHTS had a free-spirited and playful personality and didn't like following orders, specially evil ones, which caused Wizeman to imprison NiGHTS. After obtaining freedom with the help of visitors from another world, NiGHTS fights to put a stop on Wizeman's evil plans. NiGHTS has superior flight capabilities, being able to move in the air freely and even create strong air gaps (Paraloop) that can harm enemies. Besides flight, NiGHTS is also able to deform the own body to take different forms.
  • Reala - Another being created by Wizeman that has similar appearance and abilities to NiGHTS. But unlike NiGHTS, Reala is ruthless, brutal, and completely loyal to Wizeman. Reala considers NiGHTS a rival, and the "siblings" don't get along due to their opposite personalities.
  • Wizeman - The series antagonist. Wizeman is the ruler of the Nightmare dimension and attacks Nightopia to obtain Ideya orbs.


  • NiGHTS once had an Archie Comic series.

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