Nice on Ice is the seventh episode of Mega Man: Fully Charged. It first aired in the United States on Cartoon Network on August 26, 2018.


Aki stops by one of Sgt. Night's televised anti-robot speeches and tells him he's wrong about humans and robots not living together--they should be together all the time. Cryogenic robot Ice Man interprets Aki's words literally and resolves to freeze people together in order to spread harmony. Aki gets caught for nearly cutting class, but has to run again when Ice Man shows up and freezes the students and faculty together, including himself and Suna. With Suna's help, Mega Man learns to take things slow and defeats Ice Man. Principal 100100 takes Ice Man away to educate him better on being a good robot.



  • The pixelated scene with Ice Man running around freezing together humans and robots, features a modified theme music of Ice Man's stage from the first Mega Man game.

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