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Ninja Zerker, known as Shinobi Berserk (シノビベルセルク Shinobi Beruzeruku) in Japan, is the Double Tribe form of Mega Man based on the combined power of the OOPArts Star of Ninja and Sword of Zerker


Ninja Zerker keeps the same design as Wood Ninja, which main color is Thunder Zerker's silver, with red extensions across the body, the buster head is now turned into an armored head design, can be used to fire autonomous shurikens.


Ninja Zerker is a skilled ninja which manipulates both stealth techniques and drastic strikes from the two tribes.

  • Element: BC Element Elec Elec
  • Body Double: Up + Y allows Mega Man to counter incoming attacks with a body double wood-element sword attack.
  • Can charge a non-dimming card to pierce Invis and gain Auto Lock On.
  • Elec cards +20 attack
  • Wood cards +20 attack
  • Side Select
  • Charge Shot: Thunder Slash
  • Weakness: BC Element Wood Wood
  • LFB : Elemental Blade: Performs the Thunder Bolt Blade, slashing from side-to-side twice and then striking downward with the Sword of Zerker, causing elec damage. Upon the third strike, the usual thunderbolt is replaced with a small, wood-element tornado, causing wood damage 4 times to enemies in the 3x3 area in front of Mega Man. If there is an enemy in the same column as Mega Man, he will dash to that enemy and strike from there.

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