Nino Island (upper left) and Calbania Island (bottom right)

Nino Island (ニーノ島 Nīno Shima) is a very small island that is home to Ruminoa City. Heavily armed with various weapons, its main purpose is to seal off the Nino Ruins from pirates. Entry to the ruins is controlled by the Guildmaster. Like in the Yosyonke Gallery at Calinca, you can also take the Digger's Test by talking to the receptionist of the Guild Office (the twin sister of the girl who does the same thing in the Gallery).


Nino Island is composed of 4 levels with level B4 being the ruins itself.

Level B1: The hangar; reached by taking the elevator with the "up" sign from the Defense Platfom. You'll first come to a room which contains the broken-down Parabola Gun and a ladder leading to the roof. After the encounter with Glyde using the Parabola Gun, this area is sealed off.

Level B2: The Defense Platform. There are three doors and two elevators here. Roll and Data can be found here during the first visit when the island is under attack. Doors one and two lead to cannons and turrets that help fend off pirates during the attack while the third door is where the Flutter is docked and where one of Glyde's ships, Mutti, tries to dock into during Glyde's assault.

Level B3: Ruminoa City; reached by taking the elevator with the down sign from the Defense Platform. Places to go to (starting from the left) are the Guildmaster's Office, a bar, the Guildmaster's Room, a residential home, a General Store and a Junk Store. The entrance to the Nino Ruins was built to the ground in the center.

Level B4: The Nino Ruins and also the Guild Ruins. The entrance to the Nino Ruins will only open up after Glyde and his base have been taken cared off.


  • While not said in-game, Nino Island is presumably a man-made island.
  • When the Birdbots succeed in breaking down the doors, the Guildmaster is seen activating the self-destruct button without any hesitation, effectively killing himself, the pirates and Megaman and the other citizens.
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