Noble Mandrago (ノービル・マンドラゴ) is one of the Einherjar Eight Warriors in Mega Man Zero 4. Mandrago is based on the mandrake plant. She occupies an underground forest of artificial plants that were creating an erosion. She battles Zero in a room covered with earth, and since she is a half-plant, half-drill Reploid, she can drill through the earth and appear anywhere she likes. She fights by letting Mechaniloids do her work, while she weakens her foes with goo. Still, even with all the advantages she had against Zero, she loses.

Although Mandrago has no official weakness, with some skill and practice, Zero can use a strike from the Zero Knuckle to pull her out of the walls, ceiling and floors as she sticks her head out to fire goo. Doing so causes her to bounce of the walls and take a decent amount of damage.

Mega Man Zero Official Complete Works

A Reploid who originally used solar-powered nanomachines to encourage the environment's preservation and regeneration. After being modified by Weil, she had the idea implanted into her brain that "in order for nature to be able to regenerate, it must be placed under complete control, which may involve destruction from time to time."

Based on the mythological plant "mandragora", her design sketches include images of the flower on top of her head open.


Nickname: 崩蝕の樹婦人 (Houshoku no Jufujin, Tree Woman of the Dead Eclipse)
EX Skill: スピニングルート (Spinning Root)
Mission: Stop the erosion
Zero's EX Skill: Sky Chaser


  • Launches 2-4 plant seeds that deal damage and can grow into a small plant-like Mechaniloids, depending on where they land. These seeds can be destroyed by the Zero Knuckle before they germinate; in doing so Zero throws the seed over his shoulder, potentially causing minor damage to Mandrago.
    • Walls or ceilings: Small flowers that occasionally fire a series of energy bullets at Zero.
    • Floor: Flytrap-like plants that trap Zero on contact and drain his energy.
  • Spins like a top and moves back and forth across the floor at high speeds.
  • Disappears by drilling through the floor, and appears randomly at either the floor or ceiling and shoots three blobs of goo at opponents. This does not cause damage, but getting hit reduces Zero's traction (like walking on ice), prevents him from climbing walls, and summons several Appnets to attack him. Mandrago can be yanked out of the ground with the Zero Knuckle and will take a small amount of bonus damage if hurled into a wall, but doing so is not recommended since this attack pattern is simple to dodge and prevents her from healing.
  • Recovers a small amount of health if the weather is sunny.
  • EX Attack: Spins horizontally on the upper part of the screen, seeks out Zero and tries to land on him, sending shockwaves across the floor.

In other media

Noble Mandrago appeared in the fourth chapter of the Rockman Zero manga. Noble Mandrago lives by draining Reploid energy, and many Reploids that explored the forest she lives ended up being killed by her. She was killed by the new Zero.



Zero Vs. Noble Mandrago

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