Nobody (ノーバディ Nōbadi) is a mysterious character from Rockman.EXE Legend of Network. Little is known about him, including his true name, preferring to be called "Nobody". He is the one responsible for the Trojan Horse incident.


The man who would become Nobody was one of two survivors of the Atlampian Civilization (アトランピア文明 Atoranpia Bunmei). He was in cold sleep during the fall of the Atlampian Civilization . He, along with Sherrice, awakens 3000 year later around the era of 200X and renames himself as "Nobody".

He believed that the modern world had stolen its technology from the Atlampian Civilization and is angry at the crimes WWW, Gospel and Nebula committed with it. Because of them, he believed that the world had no hope for a future.

He decided to revive the Atlampian Civilization by reviving the Trojan Horse to destroy the modern world first. From the Atlampian ruins on Sink Island, he instructed Sherrice to find the Athena-Code, the Hera-code and the Aphrodite-code to form the Golden Apple program to revive the Trojan Horse. He also installed Reverse, a manifestation of the Trojan Horse, in Sherrice's NetNavi RideMan.EXE.

Each attempt had been hindered by Lan Hikari and MegaMan.EXE who had help from a mysterious person called L.o.N. Sherrice soon betrayed Nobody and formally allied with Lan.

Lan and MegaMan.EXE eventually defeated the Trojan Horse causing the Atlampian ruins to explode and Nobody stays behind hoping to die but the destruction of the Trojan Horse caused an anomaly of electromagnetic waves in the server and created a hole in the fabric of time and space and he fell in it. The time hole sent Nobody 3000 years into the past after the fall of the Atlampian Civilization. There he saw that while the civilization had fallen, the people survived and this made him turn over a new leaf. He then made preparations for the future to help Lan to stop himself from destroying the world; signing as L.o.N. (Legacy of Nobody). He then lived out his life with the people.

Other game appearances

Rockman Xover

Nobody appeared as a Battle Memory.



  • The name "Nobody" may be a reference to the pseudonym "Outis" (Greek for "nobody" or "no one") used by Odysseus who was one of the Greek Champions of the Trojan War.

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