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Noise Crush, also known as Crash Noise and Crush Noise (クラッシュノイズ Kurasshu Noizu), is Shade Man's special weapon. It fires a powerful sound wave to damage enemies. If the wave hits a wall, it will bounce off it. If it comes in contact with Mega Man, he will appear as if he was charging it, and he can then discharge a powerful wave. The charged wave is larger and will do more damage to enemies.

In Mega Man 7, this weapon is Turbo Man's primary weakness and hitting him with repeated Noise Crush waves will prevent him from using his Scorch Wheel.

Bosses weak against Noise Crush

Dialogues about Noise Crush in Mega Man 7

Mega Man: The Noise Crush generates a powerful sound wave, doesn't it?

Dr. Light: Yes, and you can amplify the wave by absorbing the reflected wave with your body.


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  • The Japanese word "Kurasshu" (クラッシュ) can be translated as both "Crush", "Crash" and "Clash". Because of this, the Noise Crush is called "Crash Noise" in Mega Man: The Power Battle (both English and Japanese versions), and "Crush Noise" in Mega Man 2: The Power Fighters (both versions) and the Japanese version of Mega Man 7.
  • If the player fires the Noise Crush and slide immediately afterwards, Mega Man can absorb it without having to fire it against a wall. Note that this only applies to Mega Man 7. This has been fixed in both arcade games.
  • If the Noise Crush is used against Shade Man, he'll just absorb the sound wave and shoot it back stronger.
  • It's possible to defeat some bosses from Mega Man 7 with only one hit of the Noise Crush by firing it in the moment Mega Man enters the room. [1]

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