The Noise Force Big Bang (ノイズフォースビッグバン), NFB for short, is a special attack that can be used in Mega Man Star Force 3 when Mega Man pulls off a counter in battle while in a Noise Change, Multi-Noise Form, or Finalized Noise. The big bang appears in the form of a usable Battle Card - as with other cards gained through countering - with the Star Force insignia on it. It is used like a regular, screen-dimming Battle Card. Its attack will even get boosted by certain Noises that give attack bonuses to all cards of a certain element and not simply non-dimming cards (Cygnus, Wolf, Ophiuca, and Crown for example).

Whenever a player is using their Final Noise state and accessing the Meteor Folder, the player may find some Noise Force Big Bangs in the form of actual Battle Cards which can be selected like normal Battle Cards. After the final battle, the player will enter a fixed rematch against the final boss, and will start in their Finalized state, eventually gaining the Noise Force Big Bang for the Finalized Noise of their version of the game, which presents the only way to end the fight.

Noise Force Big Bang is the successor to both Star Force Big Bang and Link Force Big Bang. The only three similar big bangs are the Atomic Blazer of Fire Leo, Elemental Cyclone of Green Dragon, and Thunder Bolt Blade of Thunder Zerker.

Noise Changes

Meteor Light Barrage (Meteorite Barrage)

Noise: Cygnus, Libra
Cygnus Noise Meteor Light Barrage.png
Attack: 130
(140 while in Cygnus Noise due to Normal +10)
Element: Null Null
Attribute(s): none
Description: Mega Man leaps into the air and fires off several meteor-shaped spheres of light simultaneously. The attack hits all of the panels on the last 3x3 area of the battlefield twice. Pierces Invisible and flinch.

Atom Blazer (Atomic Blazer)

Noise: Corvus, Taurus (Ox)
Taurus Noise Atom Blazer.png
Attack: 400 (430 while in Corvus Noise with Fire +30, and 450 while in Taurus noise because of Fire +50) 
Element: Fire Fire
Attribute(s): Wind Wind
Description: Mega Man charges up energy and then fires it at the enemy, hitting everything on his current column and the columns next to it. The attack also removes any barriers and auras that opponents may have.

Dyna Wave (Dynamic Wave)

Noise: Cancer, Virgo
Cancer Noise Dyna Wave.png
Attack: 100
Element: Aqua Aqua
Attribute(s): none
Description: Mega Man spins several times, kicking three large waves that sweep down the battlefield, hitting any enemies regardless of his position on the field.

Thunder Bolt Blade

Noise: Crown, Gemini
Crown Noise TB Blade.png
Attack: 100
(120 while in Crown Noise due to Elec +20 and 130 in Gemini Noise thanks to Elec +30)
Element: Elec Elec
Attribute(s): Sword Sword
Description: Mega Man draws out a large, electric sword and dashes forward, then performs two side-to-side slashes followed by a downward slash which causes lightning to strike the enemy's field, hitting the 3x3 area in front of him thrice. If there is an enemy in the same column as Mega Man, he will instead dash up to that enemy and strike from there. The attack normally causes flinch, but Gemini Noise's ability causes it to paralyze instead.

Elemental Cyclone

Noise: Ophiuca, Wolf
Wolf Noise Elemental Cyclone.png
Attack: 100
(110 while in Wolf Noise due to Wood +10)
(120 while in Ophiuca Noise due to Wood +20)
Element: Wood Wood
Attribute(s): Wind Wind
Description: Mega Man spins around, creating a cyclone of leaves. He then moves down his current column, passing through enemies and hitting anything in his current column or the adjacent columns 3 times. It also removes any auras or barriers the opponents may have.

Final Noises

Black End Galaxy

Noise: Black Ace
Attack: 500
Element: Null Null
Attribute: Sword Sword, Wind Wind
Description: Mega Man leaps into the air and summons a large black hole onto the field. He then dashes forward, slashing with his sword-arm, causing a large explosion afterwards. The attack hits everything on the battlefield, and induces the gravity effect on affected enemies.

Red Gaia Eraser

Noise: Red Joker
Red Gaia Eraser.png
Attack: 400 or 600
Element: Null Null
Attribute: Breaking Breaking
Description: Mega Man charges power and detaches the two disk gears from his shoulder pads, aligning them with the sides of the battlefield. He then performs a straightforward blast, hitting anything in his column, and allows the disks to sweep the enemy area with lasers, causing an explosion. The attack hits everything on the field, and the explosion itself has a breaking attribute. This attack hits enemies two to three times with 200 damage per hit.


Videos outlining the Noise Force Big Bang attacks in the Japanese (left) and North American (right) versions.

Ryuusei_no_Rockman_3_Noise_Force_Big_Bangs Megaman_Starforce_3_Noise_Force_Big_Bangs

Noise Force Big Bang Cards

Not technically Battle Cards, Noise Force Big Bang cards appear in the form of usable Battle Cards when MegaMan performs a counter in Vibrant Noise, Multi-Noise, or Finalized Noise Forms, or as selectable cards when accessing the Meteor Server. They are used like regular, screen-dimming Battle Cards, and occupy the same space as a standard card on the Custom Menu.

Image Name Type(s) Attack Text Noise Form(s)
Vibrant Noise / Multi-Noise
Atom Blazer Atom Blazer
(Atomic Blazer Aブレイザー)
FireWind 400 NFB AtomBlzr will blow up Corvus, Taurus (Ox)
Dyna Wave DynaWave
(Dynamic Wave Dウェーブ)
Aqua 100 NFB DynaWave will blow up Cancer, Virgo
Thunder Bolt Blade TB Blade
(Thunder Bolt Blade TBブレード)
ElecSword 100 (Gemini)
120 (Crown)
NFB TB Blade will blow up Crown, Gemini
Elemental Cyclone ElemCycln
(Elemental Cyclone Eサイクロン)
WoodWind 110 (Wolf)
120 (Ophiuca)
NFB ElemCycln will blow up Ophiuca, Wolf
Meteor Light Barrage MteorLight
(Meteorite Barrage メテオライトB)
Null 130 (Libra)
140 (Cygnus)
NFB MteorLight will blow up Cygnus, Libra
Finalized Noise
Black End Galaxy BlkEndGlxy
(Black End Galaxy BEギャラクシー)
NullSwordWind 500 NFB BlkEndGlxy will blow up Black Ace
Red Gaia Eraser RdGaiaErsr
(Red Gaia Eraser RGイレーザー)
NullBreak 200 NFB RdGaiaErsr will blow up Red Joker


  • Thunderbolt Blade reuses the Zerker tribe's sword, despite that the OOPArt was lost at the end of the second game. However, this was explained by Omega-Xis in the second game, with him saying that even though they lost the OOPArt, they still kept the power of it.
  • Rogue Noise lacks a Noise Force Big Bang.

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