Noism is the name for the Noise-based EM Beings (most likely a form of Noised Hertz) that reside in both Noise Waves and the real world in Mega Man Star Force 3. The term is used by one such being as a name for his own kind. They are shown as having varying intelligence; some may only repeat words or phrases, with a single-minded goal, while others may carry on conversations. Their moods and personalities may also vary, such as irritable, tranquil, obnoxious, and so forth.

While Noisms are not usually shown as having any sort of social relations nor a society of their own, they often side with Mr. King and the Dealers because of their plans for Noise and Meteor G. Other stated interactions are sometimes questionable, such as two Noisms in the tennis court's Noise Wave at WBG Studios who claim to be having an intense tennis match with each other.

Noisms' actions are also quite cryptic. Because they have no visible limbs nor facial features, and the noises they make are often mistaken for little more than garbled static crackling, it is hard to tell what action(s) they are performing at the moment. One such case is when Mega Man disturbs a Noism while it is sleeping, because it is only making a fuzzy noise. Upon disturbance, it awakens irritably to inform Mega Man about such things in the nature of Noisms.


A strong Noism

There are, however, stronger Noisms, who are able to spawn crystals of Crimson, and appear only in one part of the game - Jack Corvus invasion to Echo Ridge Elementary. These Noisms are much more different and are very rare.

Notable Noisms

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