NormalNavi (ノーマルナビ Nōmaru Nabi) is the name used for the common NetNavis found in the Mega Man Battle Network series. The player can fight against them in Mega Man Battle Chip Challenge and Mega Man Battle Network 4.


Female NormalNavi

They are the generic NetNavis and are the kind that is most commonly used by people, excluding people whom have customized NetNavi such as Lan Hikari, Mayl Sakurai, Dex Oyama, Eugene Chaud, etc. Like most NetNavis, they represent their operators in the Net and perform various tasks. NormalNavis appear to be mass-produced since multiple copies of the same NormalNavi can be seen on the Net. There are also male and female variations of NormalNavis, the difference usually being in the color. The green variation is male, pink variation is female. This typically reflects the gender of the operator.

Guy Navi
Girl Navi

NormalNavis usually summon viruses to do battle with others. But, in Mega Man Battle Network 4, they can also use Battle Chips and NormalBusters against opponents in battle. It appears that NormalNavis are weaker than customized NetNavis in Mega Man Battle Network 3, as ProtoMan.EXE notes that it is unusual for a NormalNavi to be so powerful before it reveals itself to be DesertMan.EXE.

Types of NormalNavis

Mega Man Battle Chip Challenge

There are ten varieties of NormalNavis. Most have the same appearance with a different color scheme, but their abilities can vary.

Navi Basic HP Basic AP Attack Sprite
NormNav V1 NormalNavi
500 30 NormalBuster
V2 NormalNavi V2
550 30 NormalBuster NormalNavi2.png
V3 NormalNavi V3
600 20 NormalBuster NormalNavi3.png
V4 NormalNavi V4
650 20 NormalBuster NormalNavi4.png
V5 NormalNavi V5
700 10 NormalBuster NormalNavi5.png
Navi Type F Navi Type F
550 70 FireCannon
Navi Type A Navi Type A
550 40 AquaShot NormalNaviAqua.png
Navi Type W Navi Type W
550 10 Twister NormalNaviWood.png
Navi Type E Navi Type E
550 30 ZapRing NormalNaviElec.png
NormalNavi X NormalNavi X
700 30 ChargeShot NormalNaviX.png

Besides these ten, there is also a Navi called NormalNavi Zero (NormNav Zero) that had won 999 battles, but is defeated by BassGS in his 1000th battle. He has the same color scheme as NormalNavi X.

Mega Man Battle Network 4

Navi HP
Alpha NormalNaviα
Beta NormalNaviβ
Omega NormalNaviΩ

Known NormalNavis

Major NormalNavis in the series.

Mega Man Battle Network

  • Ms. Mari has a NormalNavi that is pink. It is the only pink NormalNavi in this game.

Mega Man Battle Chip Challenge

Many NormalNavi appear in the tournaments, where they are operated by Ms. Mari, Haruka Hikari, and other NPCs.

Mega Man Battle Network 4

Some participants in the tournaments use NormalNavis. These Navis attack with Cannons, Bombs, Swords, and can summon Obstacles.

  • In the first tournament, a ghost girl named Yuko operates the NormalNavi Ponta (ポンタくん Ponta-Kun), which is the only NormalNavi with a known name.
  • Flave Yamakawa uses a NormalNavi in the second tournament. Going off its operator, the Navi also specializes in cooking curry.
  • Jack Bomber uses a NormalNavi in the third tournament. It also specializes in the cyberworld sport, FootBomb.

Mega Man Battle Network 6

  • Mick owns an unnamed NormalNavi in this game, that is distinguished by its serious scowled expression. Surprisingly, Mick's navi seems to be roughly on-par in terms of power with GutsMan.EXE, though the draw between Mick and Dex may be due to the somewhat shoddy and completely offense-oriented operating on both their parts.
  • Tab has a NormalNavi that appears along with Mick's Navi near the end of the game, where they are saved from a group of HeelNavis by ProtoMan.EXE.





  • The exploration robots in the Mega Man Gigamix story Asteroid Blues have the same design as the NormalNavi.

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