North Pole Area (北極エリア Hokkyoku Eria) is Blizzard Wolfang's stage in Mega Man X6. Despite the name of the stage, its location on the Stage Select Screen map more closely resembles North Korea or Manchuria than the Arctic circle.


This stage has more environmental hazards than enemies, including icy floors, slippery slopes, spikes, falling ice cubes, and rolling snowballs. It begins with a climb up a slope that periodically rolls snowballs, then becomes a platforming challenge from pillar to pillar. It then descends into a vertical tunnel with bouncing snowballs, before placing the Maverick Hunters in large crevasses where ice cubes threaten to crush them. If the Nightmare Phenomenon is in effect, Nightmare Fire and Nightmare Mirrors will appear to hinder progress.



  • Life Up: With the Nightmare Phenomenon active, the vertical tunnel full of icy slopes will have an open gap on the right wall (without the Nightmare, it is merely cracked ice that cannot be bypassed). The Life Up and two Reploids can be found.
  • EX Item: In the same area as the Life Up, continue to the right and use the Shadow Armor to walk along a bed of spikes and grab the EX Item. Also leads to the Nightmare portal.
  • Shadow Armor's Foot Program: After the segment of falling snowballs and pits, use Zero's Double Jump or X's Ice Burst to jump off the top of the downward slope and find the capsule sitting on a ledge.

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