Notor Banger (ノートルバンジャー Nōtorubanjā) is a hopping enemy in Mega Man X3 and Mega Man Xtreme 2 with a large cannon on its head. It shoots three grey projectiles out of its gun in various arcs at the player, and then proceeds to leap at them. The projectiles can be shot. It is the first and most common enemy in the Mega Man X3, appearing in the Opening Stage, Blast Hornet's stage, Blizzard Buffalo's stage, Gravity Beetle's stage, Toxic Seahorse's stage, Neon Tiger's stage, Vile's stage, and the second Doppler Stage if Vile wasn't defeated before.

Other media

Notor Bangers appear in the Rockman X3 manga attacking the Neo Maverick Hunter Base alongside other Mavericks, and later fighting alongside other Maverick minions against Blast Hornet, Blizzard Buffalo, Neon Tiger, Tunnel Rhino, and Volt Catfish.


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