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Nuclear Detonator is the weapon Mega Man obtains after defeating Dyna Man. It places a time bomb, similar in function to Bomb Man's Hyper Bomb, in the fact that it typically drops down in a slight arc, and explodes after a set time of about two seconds if it does not hit an enemy before doing so. This weapon can also be detonated early by pressing the fire button again, as long as it has landed on the ground at least once. It is Sonic Man's weakness and can kill him in 2 hits (one shot) but is very difficult to hit him with because it bounces more under water.

This weapon is helpful against blocks, as it can destroy them with the power of its explosion. When Dyna Man himself uses them, he'll jump around the arena in a set pattern, dropping the bombs on Mega Man below.



  • This is the only weapon in the classic series that can hurt Mega Man, something that would not be seen again except certain weapons in the Mega Man Legends series.
    • This is likely due to the weapon's explosion being the same used by destructible walls in both Sonic Man's and Volt Man's stages.