#1 Curry (Number One Curry), known as MaHa Ichiban (MaHa壱番) in Japan, is a curry shop from the MegaMan NT Warrior anime series.

Yahoot and the other World Three members opened the #1 Curry in DenTech City after Yahoot's curry restaurant in Namasty was destroyed in their battle against Lan and his friends.[1] Yahoot, Count Zap and Maddy work in the shop while Mr. Match makes deliveries. #1 Curry had a statue of Yahoot in the entrance until episode 42, where it broke in an accident and Maddy replaced it by a talking statue of Mr. Wily. The shop is closed during MegaMan NT Warrior Axess and has few appearances as the World Three moved to Jyawaii Island and opened the #2 Curry.

In episode 22 of Rockman.EXE Stream, Yahoot reopened the shop as MaHa Ichiban' (MaHa壱番' MaHa Ichiban Dasshu), and the Wily statue is replaced by one of Yahoot. Dex and Dingo travelled from Jyawaii to work in the shop.

#2 Curry

#2 Curry (Number Two Curry), known as MaHa Niban (MaHa弐番) in Japan, is a new curry shop opened by the World Three members near a beach from Jyawaii Island in the last episode of MegaMan NT Warrior, the four moving to the island. In MegaMan NT Warrior Axess Dex joins the #2 Curry to practice with NetBattles against the WWW members. While his NetBattle skills didn't improve much, Dex became a curry specialist and later reopened #1 Curry.

Umi no Ie MaHa Ichiban

Umi no Ie MaHa Ichiban (海の家 MaHa壱番 "Sea House MaHa Ichiban") is a curry shop used by the staff during summer. Dex included a kakigōri curry in the menu and Lan tried it.[2]