Oil Field

The Oil Field (ゆでん Yuden) is a location from Mega Man ZX Advent. It is an ancient dried sea that now is used as an underground resource mining facility. After the Raider Pursuit, the Raider airship with Biometal Model A crashed in the Oil Field, and the entrance to the area was sealed with safety locks. Ashe/Grey received a request from Legion to take parts from the airship to repair the broken Train and transport Biometal Model A to the Legion HQ. When the player manages to unlock the entrance, a Raider named Dan asks for help, saying that the Raider airship is under attack. Master Thomas warns that if the airship explodes, it will trigger the entire facility to detonate. Ashe/Grey saves the Raiders and defeats Atlas. As thanks, the Raiders give parts from their airship and the Train is repaired.



  • As the Oil Field used to be a sea and the remains of a Utuboros can be found in a side-quest, it is assumed that in the past it was Launch Octopus' stage.
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