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Old Robot (オールドロボット) is an ancient battle robot body that the Pararoid S-38s possess in Morph Moth's stage, serving as mid-bosses. They have limited mobility due to the fact they are junk, but a Pararoid S-38 can use them to jump and occasionally pounce on X from different heights and speeds. They will sometimes fire aimed "shots" of junk. The Old Robots can only be damaged by hitting their exposed cores in midsections, causing them to gradually fall apart until a Pararoid S-38 abandons it. Taking too long to defeat the S-38s however will allow them to burrow and retrieve another Old Robot from the junk pile. A single Silk Shot hit will eliminate the Old Robot.

Other Media

A Old Robot appears alongside Pararoid V-1sHanged Reploids and Pararoid R-5s attacking X after seeing junk zombies of Flame MammothStorm EagleCrystal Snail, and other Mavericks from Mega Man X1 and X2.


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