For the Mega Man: Upon a Star Oni Robot, see List of Mega Man: Upon a Star characters.

Oni Robo (オニロボ Onirobo),[1] also known as Typhoon Goro (タイフーゴロー Taifū Gorō),[2] is the sub-boss from Tengu Man's stage in Mega Man & Bass. Oni Robos appear in two areas and mainly attack by throwing their Kanabō-like weapon, which stays in the floor for a while before exploding, but they also have a different attack depending on what machine they are manning. If it is a crank machine, they'll use their weapon to crank out Mokumokumos. If it's a fan machine, it'll generate a strong gust of wind to push or pull the player, which they can change the direction with their weapon. As Ice Wall and Remote Mine can hit the target several times, the Oni Robos can be destroyed instantly with them.


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