Onibi Island.

Onibi Island is a location in Rockman.EXE Beast and Beast+. It is an uninhabited island that was once used as a weapons factory during a war. When Netto Hikari, Meiru Sakurai, Meijin, and Rin Manabe were called it to investigate a "ghost ship" that Yamitaro Higure and Shuko Kido discover, Meijin notices that strange electromagnetic waves were flowing into the island, reactivating it while causing power outages in the nearby town and lighthouse. Netto and Meiru plug Rockman.EXE and Roll.EXE into the lighthouse in an attempt to stop the flow (with Trill.EXE tagging along by latching onto Rockman’s leg), but are attacked by viruses and Zoano FlameMan.EXE.

Onibi Island's ruins in the day as seen in Beast+.

A general of Glaga, FlameMan had discovered that Falzer’s army had created a Copyroid factory on Onibi Island, and with the Onibi warship, destroys the entire island and Falzer’s Copyroid factory with it, though many of the Copyroids survived, and are claimed by Glaga’s army. The Foghorn that Calls the Phantom

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At some point after that, Dr. Wily took up residence there and made a secret base.

In Beast+, Captain Kurohige and Chirol come to Onibi after they escaped from Beyondard and are told there are Copyroids there by BubbleMan.EXE. They use Onibi to construct two flawed Copyroids that are easily destroyed The Demon Deko de a~ru before creating one massive massive Copyroid that was defeated by Netto and Enzan Ijuuin and meet Dr. Wily and begin to stay with him. Big Things are Good Things Puku!



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