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Orbot (オーボット Ōbotto) and Cubot (キューボット Kyūbotto) are two small robots from the Sonic the Hedgehog series created by Doctor Eggman to be his assistants. Orbot is a red orb-shaped robot that usually points out Eggman's mistakes, sometimes inadvertently insulting him. Cubot is a yellow cube-shaped robot with a failure in his voice chip that makes his voice and accent change.


Worlds Collide

Orbot and Cubot appear briefly usually doing tasks for doctors Eggman and Wily such as giving information, serving coffee, and assisting in building machines.


Orbot and Cubot, along with Dr. Eggman ended up at the Efrika Plains, along with the remains of the Egg-Wily Machine X.

They along with Sonic the Hedgehog, Blaze the Cat and later Tails are the only ones to recall the events of Worlds Collide. (Sonic the Hedgehog #252 & Sonic Universe #55)

Worlds Unite

When Sigma used a Genesis Portal to move from 21XX to Sonic's world, Sigma (as a virus) used Orbot as a host. As Orbot, Sigma broke the Cacophonic Conch and convinced the Deadly Six to work for him, also making Dr. Eggman create a new body for Sigma. When the body is complete, Sigma moves from Orbot to it, returning Orbot to his normal self. Afterwards, he and Cubot continue working as lackeys, such as assisting doctors Eggman and Wily in their creations and fanning and giving them drinks after the work. It is unknown what became of the pair afterwards, as Eggman and Wily subsequently fled the Lost Hex with the aid of Xander Payne. Xander later acted to prevent Sigma from ever traveling back in time, thus reversing the history of Sonic's world so that Eggman had never invaded the Lost Hex.

Sonic Boom counterparts


The Sonic Boom conterparts of Orbot and Cubot

Aside from their normal counterparts, there are also alternate versions of the two robots in an alternate universe that largely behaved the same.

Worlds Unite

When Sticks the Badger takes the Maverick Hunters to the lair of that dimension's Eggman, Orbot and Cubot attempt to make the intruders go away. Scared by Zero, they agree to help the intruders by taking them to an interdimensional machine made by Eggman. They used it to open a Genesis Portal, which the robot heroes and Team Sticks used to travel on in search of Sigma.


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