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The Order Breakers capturing X

The Order Breakers (オーダブレイカー) are a group of Limited born Mavericks introduced in Rockman X Mega Mission 2.


The Order Breakers is a group of Mavericks led by Tackione. They made all Reploids from a city become Maverick with a Limited Field, and X is sent to investigate. X defeats four Limit Reploids in his way to the city, but the small traces of Limited left over inside X's body react to the Limited Field and he passes out, being captured by the Order Breakers. Zero goes to his rescue and finds wreckage of X's buster in the scene, using the parts to remodel his buster into the Neo Buster. After defeating the other four Limit Reploids, Bloodione and Luxione, Zero fights against a controlled X and frees him, and they fight against Tackione.


  • Tackione: The leader of the Order Breakers. The Mother Limited from Mega Mission survived and slowly regenerated, taking a new form called by itself Tackione and has Dr. Doppler's face reflected in his head. His main attacks are his buster Limit Smasher and the Saber Grap. Having trouble in the fight against X and Zero, Tackione turns into a Repligigant similar to his previous Mother Limited form, but is defeated by X.
  • Enemice-HL: is the main enemy from Mega Mission 3, a Limit Order Breaker created by Tackione.
  • Bloodione: A bulky and fast Reploid grown from a portion of Tackione that was separated. He can extend his neck. He uses a hand-to-hand fighting style called Machine Grap.
  • Luxione: A cruel and ruthless Reploid grown from a portion of Tackione's body. He is very agile and uses strategy to defeat enemies. His main attack is Arrow Shot, an energy shot fired from his hands.


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