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Orudakoitan (オルダコイタン) is a Reaverbot from the Mega Man Legends series that is often found alongside an Arukoitan. The Orudakoitan transmits orders to the Arukoitan, and if the Orudakoitan is stopped, so is the Arukoitan, but Orudakoitans aren't always paired up with Arukoitans, and vice versa. It emits a light from its eyes when transmitting orders, Arukoitan's eye also flashing when receiving them. Though seemingly just a harmless stationary "command tower", some Orudakoitans are able to launch fireballs.


Mega Man Legends

Orudakoitans are common in the Underground Ruins from Kattelox Island, and they also appear in the Sub-Cities. In one area from the ruins, several Orudakoitans appear without Arukoitans, and they are able to attack with fireballs that shoot from both eyes on its head.

The Misadventures of Tron Bonne

Orudakoitans with a different color appear in the Shala-Kun Ruins on Ryship Island. They can shoot fireballs even with an Arukoitan nearby.


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