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Otoranger (オトレンジャー Otorenjā, lit. "Sound Ranger") is a tokusatsu-themed rhythm battle role-playing game released by Capcom for iTunes in Japan in 2013. The game had some promotional events with Capcom characters, including the Mega Man franchise.[1] The game's service ended on October 14, 2014.


List of events related to the Mega Man series.

Event Period Details
Rockman 25th Anniversary December 9-25, 2013 Commemorative event from the original Mega Man series, with eight gacha characters: Rockman, Rockman & Rush, Blues, Blues & Shield, Roll-chan, Osōji Roll-chan, Santa Roll-chan, and Yellow Devil. Cut Man, Flash Man, and Snake Man appear as bosses with arranged music from their stages, and could be obtained by clearing event stages. The default enemies from the game appeared with a Metall appearance, and could also be obtained in the stages.
The Fever Attack from the heroes is Right Great. The villains Fever Attack is Wily Machine 25. Gamma was considered to be used as the Fever Attack for all Mega Man characters, but the idea was scrapped.[2]
Capcom Collaboration X January 24-27, 2014 Event with some Capcom characters gacha, including Roll Caskett and Tron Bonne from the Mega Man Legends series. Their Fever Attack is Big Dai Capcom.
Capcom Collaboration Z February 21-24, 2014 Event with gacha from nine Capcom characters, three of them being the NetNavi Roll, Misora Hibiki, and Luna Shirogane.
Rockman Event 2! Yomigaeru Akumu! March 10-24, 2014 A second Rockman event. Except for Santa Roll, all gacha characters from the first event return. The bosses in this event are Air Man, Skull Man, and Napalm Man.
Login Bonus Various A gift that is distributed to all players for a short period:
  • Forte & Gospel (December 2013)
  • Kobun Type A (January 24-27, 2014)
  • Kobun Type B (February 21-24, 2014)
  • Aero-chan (February 28 - March 10, 2014)
  • Forte & Gospel (March 10-24, 2014)
  • Dust Man (March 10-24, 2014)

Mega Man characters

No. Character Details
337 メットレッドクルー
(Met Red Crew)
The standard enemies from Otoranger with Met heads. Each color corresponds to an element.
338 メットブルークルー
(Met Blue Crew)
339 メットピンククルー
(Met Pink Crew)
340 メットイエロークルー
(Met Yellow Crew)
341 メットグリーンクルー
(Met Green Crew)
342 メットブラッククルー
(Met Black Crew)
610 ブルース
Mysterious prototype robot.
611 ロックマン
Mega Man series protagonist.
612 ロールちゃん
Roll with her Mega Man 8 outfit.
613 ブルース&シールド
(Blues & Shield)
Proto Man with his Proto Shield.
614 ロックマン&ラッシュ
(Rockman & Rush)
Mega Man and Rush.
615 お掃除・ロールちゃん
(Osōji Roll-chan)
Roll with her original outfit and a broom for cleaning (osōji).
616 カットマン
Boss characters from three Mega Man games.
617 スネークマン
618 フラッシュマン
619 サンタ・ロールちゃん
(Santa Roll-chan)
Roll and Rush with a Christmas motif.
620 イエローデビル
(Yellow Devil)
Fortress boss.
621 メットール
Common enemies in the series.
669 フォルテ&ゴスペル
(Bass & Gospel)
Bass and Treble, the rivals of Mega Man and Rush.
718 ロール・キャスケット
(Roll Caskett)
Characters from the Mega Man Legends, Mega Man Battle Network and Mega Man Star Force series.
719 白金 ルナ
(Shirogane Luna)
720 ネットナビ・ロール
(NetNavi Roll)
721 トロン・ボーン
(Tron Bonne)
722 響 ミソラ
(Hibiki Misora)
723 エアロちゃん
724 コブン typeA
(Kobun type A)
725 コブン typeB
(Kobun type B)
766 ブルース 【8bit】
(Blues (8-bit))
8-bit version of the Mega Man characters.
767 ロックマン 【8bit】
(Rockman (8-bit))
768 ロールちゃん 【8bit】
(Roll-chan (8-bit))
769 カットマン 【8bit】
(Cutman (8-bit))
770 スネークマン 【8bit】
(Snakeman (8-bit))
771 フラッシュマン 【8bit】
(Flashman (8-bit))
772 イエローデビル 【8bit】
(Yellow Devil (8-bit))
773 フォルテ&ゴスペル 【8bit】
(Forte & Gospel (8-bit))
774 ナパームマン
Additional bosses added after the first Mega Man event.
775 ナパームマン 【8bit】
(Napalmman (8-bit))
776 エアーマン
777 エアーマン 【8bit】
(Airman (8-bit))
778 スカルマン
779 スカルマン 【8bit】
(Skullman (8-bit))
780 ダストマン
781 ダストマン 【8bit】
(Dustman (8-bit))
- ライトグレート
(Right Great)
Fever Attack from Mega Man heroes. This mecha is a combination of the support units Rush, Eddie, Beat and Tango. Its weapon is the Right Solar Blade (ライトソーラーブレード).
- ワイリーマシン25号
(Wily Machine 25)
Fever Attack from Mega Man villains. It attacks with a violent drill arm.
- ビッグダイカプコン
(Big Dai Capcom)
Fever Attack from other Capcom characters. This mecha is based on Capcom's office in Osaka.



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