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The Outer Astro Wave is an area in Mega Man Star Force 3 which plays a part in the extra chapter scenario of the game. The area itself is divided into two parts; Outer Astro Wave 1 and Outer Astro Wave 2.

The Outer Astro Wave is part of the Wave Road which connects the Astro Waves of Earth and Planet FM together.


The wave road of the area is in a state of disrepair, at least during the events of the third game. Though it is not deteriorated like the one at the Dealer Hideout, it is rough in some parts, and gives way to open space. This allows Mega Man to travel on and off of the road at any broken point in the wave road's border.

The area also sports part of the BrotherBand link that Kelvin Stelar created at the time of the first game. The towers that connect the wave road are, much like the road itself, in a state of slight disrepair. The area have some invisible ways to find the machines that help to find R bosses.

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