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The OvenComp is a location in MegaMan Battle Network and serves as both the game's and the Network series' first major stage. It belongs to the Oven in Lan's home which is infected and hijacked by FireMan.EXE.


The Oven's network is very similar to that of the machine it belongs to, it is fiery and mechanical. The Comp has been set on fire and several cyber flames block the player's path. In order to progress the player must talk to the Mr. Progs which will give him Ice Blocks for the player to extinguish the fire.


The Oven is set on fire when Mr. Match disguised as a security worker, checked the comp for safety while in truth it riddled it viruses and jacked his Navi FireMan in, his purpose to find the Fire Program one of the elemental programs needed by WWW.

Lan and MegaMan.EXE are forced to repel the threat but the fire in the network overwhelms MegaMan with a flaming barrage. Lan uses an extinguisher in order to cool the Oven which allows MegaMan safe passage and face FireMan and defeat him. Although WWW's Oven terrorism stops, the fiery duo acquire the Fire Program and succeed in their mission.

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