Overdrive Ostrich, known in Japan as Sonic Ostreague (ソニック・オストリーグ Sonikku Osutorīgu), is an ostrich-type Reploid in Mega Man X2. Overdrive Ostrich was once a Maverick Hunter of the 7th Airborne Unit, but retired after an accident that cost him the ability to fly. Sigma later sought to recruit him to his Maverick army, seeing use for his superior speed. Overdrive Ostrich, sensing appreciation for his abilities, pledged his loyalty to Sigma and was stationed at an abandoned missile base, charged with the task of launching the one remaining missile stored there at the Hunter Base. Before confronting Overdrive Ostrich, X manages to destroy this missile just as it launches.


Overdrive Ostrich is a very tall Reploid with a design based on an ostrich. He possesses along neck and a beaked mouth. His armor is mostly blue and orange in color, and sports blades along its edges. His feet possess bird-like toes.

Overdrive Ostrich is a cunning warrior. He is very proud of his speed, but insecure about his inability to fly, something which Sigma took advantage of. Notably, he is one of the earliest bosses in the Mega Man series to have a voice line, often making a bird-like call to taunt X.


Overdrive Ostrich is one of the few Mavericks with an outdoor battle arena, one of the largest in any Mega Man game to date. His most common attack is a charging run, which is easily dodged by jumping over him. He will also jump and kick across the screen with just enough room to run or dash under. Overdrive tends to use his Sonic Slicer in its charged state, by jumping high and firing six energy boomerangs that rain down on the battlefield. The one unique attack that he will perform, that usually occurs when X puts a lot of distance between him and Ostrich, involves him running offscreen out into the desert (background) and then jumping back to the foreground to try and land on X. He is weak to Crystal Hunter, which will both damage and freeze him, but once he thaws he will immediately counter with Sonic Slicer. He is also vulnerable to Silk Shot. In Mega Man Xtreme 2, Zero can take him on with Lightning.

  • Sonic Slicer (Horizontal) (ソニックスワイサー(橫)) - Similar to the weapon X gains after defeating him. Overdrive Ostrich shoots a Sonic Slicer either downwards or upwards at X.
  • Sonic Slicer (Overhead) (ソニックスワイサー(頭上)) - Overdrive Ostrich jumps up and hovers in mid-air for a moment, releasing several Sonic Slicer beams into the air, which later fall down from the sky. This attack is the same as the charged up version when X gains his weapon.
  • Charge (突進) - Overdrive Ostrich charges towards X attempting to run over him. When caught, X would be knocked back a distance. X can avoid this attack by jumping over him.
  • Step (ステップ) - Similar to charge, Overdrive Ostrich would skip towards X in a jumping fashion attempting to run over him. When caught, X would be knocked back a distance. This is more difficult to dodge than Charge, as depending of his position, X must either jump over him or dash below him at the right time.
  • High Jump (ハイジャンプ) - When Overdrive Ostrich is off the screen for a certain amount of time, he will appear in the distant background running in a parallel direction to X, just before jumping high in the air before trying to land on X. He will jump when X passes by him in the background, though he will land in the current spot X was in.

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Mega Man X2 stats

  • Height: 255 cm (8'4")
  • Weight: 152 kg (335 lbs)
  • Power: 3800rp
  • Speed: 9900rp


Main article: Desert Base Stage

Damage Data Charts

Displays the amount of damage in units that Overdrive Ostrich will receive from each Special Weapon in Mega Man X2.

Mega Man X2

X-Buster Sonic Slicer Strike Chain Spin Wheel Bubble Splash Speed Burner Silk Shot Magnet Mine Crystal Hunter Giga Crash Shouryuken
1:1:2:4 1:1 1:1 1:1 1:1 1:1 2:2 1:1 3:0 2 *
  • For X-Buster, the four damage values are listed according to how long the weapon is charged. Note however that the forth number is damage done with the second shot when the X-Buster is charged all the way.
  • For Silk Shot, the first set of numbers is damage dealt to them in their own stage; second set is damage dealt in the X-Hunters' fortress.
  • For Giga Crash, value listed is the total amount of damage done.
  • For Shouryuken, using this will generally defeat this boss in one hit, however it does not inflict a set amount of damage; the amount of damage done is dependent on how close X is to the boss when preforming it.

Other media

Rockman X2 manga

Overdrive Ostrich appears in the Rockman X2 manga, where his backstory is the same, with some differences. For instance, he was friends with Storm Eagle. Sigma retrives Eagle's buster and shows it to him, saying his dying wish was to have Ostrich join the Mavericks and X-Hunters. Ostrich, believing Sigma's version of events, agrees and takes his leave while Sigma smahes Storm Eagle's buster with sadistic glee. While fighting X, Ostrich realizes his mistake and sacrificies himself to stop a missile.

Archie Comics

Overdrive Ostrich appeared during the Worlds Unite special event of the Mega Man and Sonic the Hedgehog comic series by Archie Comics as a part of Sigma's Maverick army.

Rockman X Mega Mission 2

Overdrive Ostrich was revived by the Limited as Sonic Ostreague L, having his mobility increased and the power of his Sonic Slicer doubled. He is the first Limit Reploid fought by X when he went to investigate a city where all Reploids became Mavericks, and X defeats him with Crystal Hunter.





  • Overdrive Ostrich is the first boss in the series to use an attack that involves use of the background, much like Bowser in Super Mario World. In addition, his arena is the first not to have any sort of walls or edges.
    • While many people think the arena loops, it actually doesn't. If you move far enough to the right or left, you'll reach an invisible wall that you can't wall jump up.
  • Overdrive Ostrich is also the only boss in the series to receive a shift in his weakness order: as of Mega Man X2, the Sonic Slicer was used to defeat Wire Sponge and his Strike Chain. In Mega Man Xtreme 2, however, it is now the reverse, which is rather ironic.
  • In the Rockman X manga by Yoshihiro Iwamoto, Overdrive Ostrich served directly under the command of Storm Eagle prior to Sigma's first revolt, where he experienced his accident that cost him his ability to fly. He only joined the X-Hunters after being presented with the remains of Eagle's Storm Tornado cannon, seeking to avenge his ex-commander. Despite his revolt, he eventually redeemed himself by sacrificing himself to stop a missile launch, after seeing Eagle's courage within X.
  • Overdrive Ostrich's intro pose is very similar to one of T. Hawk's win poses from Capcom's Super Street Fighter 2.