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|title = Pachislot Rockman Ability
|image = PachislotRockmanAbility.png
|developer = Enterrise
|publisher = Spiky
|platforms = [[Wikipedia:Slot machine#Japan|Pachislot]]
|releasedate = September 18, 2018
|genre = [[Wikipedia:Slot machine#Japan|Pachislot]]
|modes = Single player
{{Nihongo|'''''Pachislot Rockman Ability'''''|パチスロ ロックマン Ability|}} is a [[Wikipedia:Slot machine#Japan|pachislot]] ''[[Mega Man (franchise)|Mega Man]]'' game released on September 18, 2018 in Japan.<ref>[ ちょんぼりすた: ロックマン スロット新台|スペック 導入日 設定判別 打ち方 技術介入 評価]</ref>
The aim of the game is to make combinations on the slot to win medals, which can be exchanged at a Pachinko parlor's prize counter.
In the future, robot technology became popular due to the inventions of two scientists, Right and Wily, with humans and robots coexisting. However, one of them, Dr. Wily, had changed, and embraced the ambition of world domination by using robots.
Dr. Wily controlled robots dubbed "Wily Numbers", and with them he swore that he would conquer the world. In this situation, the other scientist, Dr. Right, created the highly capable and noble combat robot "Rockman" to stop Wily's ambitions.
Dr. Right and Rockman fought continuously, but the battles were not favorable to them.
One day, Dr. Right found two sister robots named Roll and Trancy unconscious in front of her laboratory and helped them. Now Roll and Trancy assist Dr. Right and Rockman in the battles against Dr. Wily and his robots.
|1||ワイリーナンバーズ襲来<br />(Wily Numbers Invade)
|2||灼熱の決闘場<br />("Scorching Battlefield")
|3||忍び寄る魔の手<br />("Creeping Evil Hand")
|4||複製<br />("Replication")
|5||悪意の一閃<br />("Brandishing Malice")
|6||親愛なるミサイル<br />("Dear Missile")
|7||機械ゆえの無念<br />("Machinery Chagrin")
!Name!!Voice actor!!Summary
|[[Rockman (Pachislot Rockman Ability)|Rockman]]<br />(ロックマン)
|[[Wikipedia:Mutsumi Tamura|Mutsumi Tamura]]<ref name="RockRoll">[ Entaraina (Enterrise character) official Twitter: Rock and Roll]</ref>
|The protagonist, a robot created by Dr. Right to fight against Dr. Wily.
|[[Roll (Pachislot Rockman Ability)|Roll]]<br />(ロール)
|Rie Takahashi<ref name="RockRoll"/><!--高橋 李枝-->
|A robot that assist Dr. Right and Rockman against Dr. Wily. She is Trancy's sister.
|[[Trancy]]<br />(トランシー)
|[[Wikipedia:Kana Asumi|Kana Asumi]]<ref>[ Entaraina official Twitter: Trancy]</ref>
|Roll's sister.
|[[Dr. Right (Pachislot Rockman Ability)|Dr. Right]]<br />(ライト博士)
|[[Wikipedia:Mie Sonozaki|Mie Sonozaki]]<ref>[ Protodude's Rockman Corner: ''Pachislot Rockman Ability's'' Dr. Light is Female]</ref>
|A female scientist that created Rockman. She is the daughter of Thomas Right.
|[[Dr. Wily (Pachislot Rockman Ability)|Dr. Wily]]<br />(Dr.ワイリー)
|[[Wikipedia:Shirō Saitō|Shirō Saitō]]<ref name="BluesWily">[ Entaraina official Twitter: Blues and Wily]</ref>
|The antagonist, a scientist that wants to conquer the world.
|[[Blues (Pachislot Rockman Ability)|Blues]]<br />(ブルース)
|[[Wikipedia:Yuichi Nakamura (voice actor)|Yuichi Nakamura]]<ref>[ Entaraina official Twitter: Blues and Wily]</ref>
|One of the six bosses.
|[[Choice Man]]<br />(チョイスマン)||
|One of the six bosses. A yellow magician-like robot.
|[[Coin Woman]]<br />(コインウーマン)||
|One of the six bosses. A ninja-like robot who throws large coins.
|[[Lever Man]]<br />(レバーマン)||
|One of the six bosses. A large, bulky red and gray robot.
|[[Replay Man]]<br />(リプレイマン)||
|One of the six bosses. A blue kappa-like robot that attacks with water.
|[[Reverse Man]]<br />(リバーシマン)||
|One of the six bosses. A green robot that can fly.
|[[Chance Man]]<br />(チャンスマン)||
|Rare boss. A gray robot with chance written on his face.
Pachislotcast.png|The main cast
Pachislotmasters.png|The Wily Numbers
pachislotmasters2.PNG|Replay Man, Choice Man, Reverse Man, Lever Man, Coin Woman, and Blues
Rockman Ability|Trailer
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