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Pachislot Rockman Ability (パチスロ ロックマン Ability) is a pachislot game to be released on September 18, 2018.[1]


The aim of the game is to make combinations on the slot to win medals, which can be exchanged at a Pachinko parlor's prize counter.


NameVoice actor
Rock (ロック)
Roll (ロール)
Trance (トランシー)
Wily (ワイリー)
Right (ライト) Mie Sonozaki[2]
Blues (ブルース)
Choice Man (チョイスマン)
Coin Woman (コインウーマン)
Lever Man (レバーマン)
Replay Man (リプレイマン)
Reversi Man (リバーシマン)



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