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Pachislot Rockman Ability (パチスロ ロックマン Ability) is a pachislot game to be released on September 18, 2018.[1]


The aim of the game is to make combinations on the slot to win medals, which can be exchanged at a Pachinko parlor's prize counter.


NameVoice actorSummary
Rockman (ロックマン) Mutsumi Tamura[2] The protagonist.
Roll (ロール) Rie Takahashi[2] Rock's sister.
Trancy (トランシー) Kana Asumi[3] Rock and Roll's sister.
Dr. Wily (Dr.ワイリー) Shirō Saitō[4] The antagonist.
Dr. Right (ライト博士) Mie Sonozaki[5]
Blues (ブルース) Yuichi Nakamura[4] One of the six bosses.
Choice Man (チョイスマン) One of the six bosses.
Coin Woman (コインウーマン) One of the six bosses. A ninja-like robot who throws coins.
Lever Man (レバーマン) One of the six bosses.
Replay Man (リプレイマン) One of the six bosses.
Reversi Man (リバーシマン) One of the six bosses.
Chance Man (チャンスマン) Optional boss. A gray robot with chance written on his face.



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