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"We can't get our old bodies back... We can't change our destiny... So we'll hasten the destiny of destruction..."
―Pandora, Mega Man ZX Advent

Pandora (パンドラ) is a recurring antagonist in the Mega Man ZX series. She and her brother Prometheus are the servants of Master Albert, perpetuating the Game of Destiny by manipulating Mega Men into awakening Model W. She exhibits a disturbingly quiet demeanor and uses ice and thunder elements in battle, earning her the nickname of "The Witch" ("魔女").[1]


Like her older brother, Pandora fits the motif of her nickname of Witch. She wears an oblong helmet with a jewel in the center; however, what appears to be an egg-shaped helmet actually separates into two pieces, as first seen when Pandora takes the passwords from Model X and Model Z. Her white, blue and black scheme strongly contrasts that of her brother as well. Like Prometheus, her armor color changes when she uses an elemental attack; however, she has two color changes instead of one: a yellow and blue scheme for Thunder attacks and a light blue one for Ice attacks. She will attack with both elements if white-colored.


Even less is known about Pandora than her brother, Prometheus. She lets Prometheus handle communication and rarely speaks. During the rare occasions when she uses her voice, she speaks slowly and softly with little to no emotion. Like her brother, Prometheus, she is completely devoted to Model W (though, ironically, in Ashe/Grey's battle against her and her brother, they were also planning on destroying Model W, as well as all Master Albert had created). Being "the voice of Model W", she seems to have inherited Dr. Weil's disdain and nihilism. Pandora also has a tragic side, believing that neither her or Prometheus can change their own inescapable destiny (something that Grey, her "little brother", isn't bound to), and just wants their suffering to end with "the destiny of destruction".

Pandora shows interest in Grey, as she is a little more talkative towards him than Ashe. In the Scrapyard, Pandora asks Grey if he hears "the cries of the world", and Grey agrees, accusing Pandora of being the one responsible, which she rebuts that it's his and Albert's fault. She leaves after the foreboding hint that Grey will fall in despair when he learns the truth.[2] During the "Prometheus & Pandora's Gossip Hell" character popularity segment on the Rockman ZX Advent Blog, Pandora also finds Grey cute and considers brainwashing him into her pet.[3]




Pandora and Prometheus in their Reploid forms.

Pandora is the younger of two sibling Reploids created by Master Albert for his plan to awaken Biometal Model W and reset the world. Initially made as regular Reploid children, Pandora and her brother Prometheus were constantly tortured through perpetual confinement,[4] until the day Master Albert permanently merged the two with fragments of Model W and commanded them to match Albert's Chosen Ones with a Biometal to further the Game of Destiny.[5] Bound to Albert by a limited lifespan, Pandora followed Albert's orders for centuries in exchange for the possibility of returning to her capsule to reset her life cycle at regular intervals. Resentful of their suffering at Albert's hand, Pandora and Prometheus both awaited the chance to exact revenge on their creator.

Mega Man ZX[]

After Serpent had excavated the Biometals Model H, Model F, Model L and Model P prior to the game's events, Prometheus and Pandora approached Serpent. Several company workers mentioned that after their meeting, both Serpent and Slither Inc. changed their way of business. Pandora and Prometheus make their first appearance as Serpent's agents. After Girouette and the protagonist (either Vent or Aile) are critically injured at the door of the Slither Inc. head office, Pandora steals the passwords to the Model W core from Model X and Model Z under Serpent's orders. The three leave both Girouette and the protagonist for dead, while they resume their efforts to awaken Model W.

Later on, Pandora and Prometheus are sent by Serpent on board a Slither Inc. fleet with the mission to eliminate the Guardians. Although the two manage to reach the reactor of the Guardian HQ, they are confronted by Vent/Aile, who not only survived but also obtained Model Z and performed a Double Megamerge, becoming more powerful. Pandora retreats, allowing Prometheus to test the Mega Man by himself.

Pandora later reappears in the Area M, where she stalls the protagonist long enough to give Serpent the time to retrieve the Model W core. Soon afterwards, she leads a Maverick attack with Prometheus on the residential district of Area O in an effort to gather the Cyber-elves needed to feed the recovered Model W Core. Although the two join forces against Vent/Aile, they are still unable to defeat Mega Man ZX. It is revealed, however, that Pandora and Prometheus were both been manipulating Serpent from the beginning, taking advantage of Serpent's weak will.[6]

Yamato Man's spear tip
Yamato Man

Rockman ZX Soundsketch - ZX GIGAMIX[]

Pandora is heard outside Grey's capsule in the drama track "Soundsketch _ Grey Capsule" in four different conversations with Prometheus. In the first, they discuss Grey's purpose and that he may be of use to them. Secondly, Prometheus informs her of Serpent's acquisition of a Model V and suggests they meet him. Thirdly, they plot to steal the four Livemetals from the Guardians to give them to new Rockmen. Finally, she receives orders from Prometheus to watch Grey while he steals Model A from the Raiders.

Pandora is also in "ZXportrait _ Death and Witch", which shows a snippet of her and Prometheus' life between ZX and ZX Advent. She first appears in a nightmare had by Prometheus, where the two are fleeing from Irregulars. He wakes up from his capsule and the two discuss Serpent's defeat and what Albert's next move might be. They then track down a Model V, killing the Irregulars and the Hunters seeking it.

Pandora also briefly appears at the beginning of "ZXportrait _ Girls Bravo" with Prometheus, piquing Prairie's curiosity of their connection to Model V.

Yamato Man

Mega Man ZX Advent[]

"Mavericks terrorize humans, and in return Model W absorbs that anguish."
—Pandora to Grey/Ashe

Pandora meets Grey.

When Grey is unexpectedly awakened from his capsule, Pandora appears to eliminate the "defective" as he was released before the mind control sequence was completed. However, Grey manages to fend her off and escape the laboratory.

After the incident, Pandora joins Prometheus to recover a Biometal from a Hunter train transporting the container to Legion. This second attack is thwarted by the protagonist (either Grey again or Ashe), who uses the Biometal to transform into Mega Man Model A. Depending on the player character, Pandora's role is different: In Grey's scenario, Prometheus scolds Pandora for letting Grey escape with Pandora apologizing for the failure;[7] in Ashe's scenario, Pandora asks Prometheus (who is fuming at encountering Ashe for the second time) who Ashe is, before Prometheus dismisses her.[8] In light of this development, the two decide to leave after Prometheus enlists the new Mega Man into the Game of Destiny.

After Master Albert is uncovered as the creator of Model W, Pandora is one of the Mega Men sent to different locations in order to retrieve the scattered Model Ws. She is found retrieving one piece of Model W in the Scrapyard, and again with Prometheus in the Waterfall Ruins, after the two destroyed the local computer (which had been used to erase information about the protagonist from Legion) to prevent the Mega Man Model A from accessing the data, although they also briefly hint at their desire to kill Master Albert.

When the protagonist finally finds Albert in his hideout, Pandora and Prometheus take advantage of this unexpected opportunity and Pandora watches as the Grim Reaper slays Albert himself, revealing the duo's hate and desire for revenge, as well as proceeding to thank the protagonist for exposing Albert to them. However, she and Prometheus plan to hasten the Destiny of Destruction, as well as destroy everything that Albert worked on (including themselves, as indicated by Prometheus's line of "Going out with a bang" right before the fight), and attack Grey/Ashe. However, this leads to the two falling prey to Albert's true plan: the data accumulated by centuries of hatred is completely absorbed by the surrounding Model Ws, awakening the Biometal much like Vent/Aile's resent for Serpent awakened Model W years before. Albert himself reappears in a new body called "DAN-000", revealing to the protagonist that the one slain by Prometheus was a decoy and that the betrayal was expected from the very beginning as the final step of his plan. As the awakened Model Ws merge to create Ouroboros, the ultimate Biometal, the protagonist grudgingly escapes the collapsing structure, leaving the unconscious Prometheus and Pandora behind to survive and stop Albert at a later time.

Powers and abilities[]

Unlike other Mega Men, Pandora herself is not based on any specific character, but her abilities can be considered a mix of Harpuia's abilities over lightning and wind, as she is capable of using electrical blasts, as well as charge her rod with electricity. She also has the ability to control her rod at a distance and use it in mid-air for long ranged attacks. With Leviathan's abilities over ice, which make her able to use icy blasts, those being solid fragments of ice. In addition, she switches freely between elements by changing between her white/blue color scheme and a yellow/white color scheme, resembling the Special Weapons originally used by X (or the elemental change-ability used by Copy X). Hence Prometheus is her exact opposite and complement, being a close-range fighter with power over shadows and fire.


Pandora is fought alone as the boss of Area M in Mega Man ZX. She channels the elements of ice and lightning with her scepter, and prefers to attack from a distance.[9] For her attacks with Prometheus in Area O, and in Mega Man ZX Advent, see Prometheus and Pandora.

Attack Description Notes
Flying Attack (フライングアタック) Pandora will fly back and forth on the room while rising. Only used in Area M.
Homing Plasma (ホーミングプラズマ) Pandora fires four bolts of electricity that move 90 degrees towards the player if they are on the opposite axis. They are always fired horizonatally, downwards, and horizontally and downwards again. If Pandora is hit by an ice attack, she cancels the move immediately.
Ice Doll (アイスドール) Pandora creates a snowman-like projectile which its top bounces eight times before breaking. In Area M, the doll also causes the player to fall if it hits the same wall as they are clinging on. The doll deflects shots, but can be destroyed with fire attacks. If used before she hits it, Pandora cancels the move altogether. When fighting her in Area O, the whole projectile bounces. It makes a large bounce every other bounce, which allows the player to avoid it.
Electric Line (エレクトリックライン) Pandora removes two parts of her helmet that create a ceiling of thunder that try and zap the player from above. The drones must be hit a number of times to cancel the attack.
Cold Rain (コールドレイン) Pandora removes two parts of her helmet that explode into shards of ice before moving to another position to repeat. The shards can be destroyed.
  • Only in in her first encounter.
  • The shards can be destroyed.

In-Battle Quotes[]

Action Japanese Translation Audio (JP) English Audio (EN)
Flying Attack/Evil Rondo ふふふふっ… (Fufufufu...) Heheheheh... Heheheheh...
Forming Ice Doll 潰してあげる。(Tsubushite ageru.) I'll crush you. - -
Launching Ice Doll 行くわ。(Iku wa.) Here I come. - -
Homing Plasma 逃がさない… (Nigasanai...) You won't escape... - -
Cold Rain 凍てつきなさい。(Itetsukinasai.) I'll freeze you. - -
Electric Line 打たれなさい。(Utarenasai.) I'll strike you. - -
Cross Finale さようなら… (Sayounara...) Farewell... - -
Loop-the-Loop 許さない… (Yurusanai...) Unforgivable... Why you...
Icy or Elegy (switching forms) 終わりよ。(Owari yo.) It's over. It's the end of you!
Icy or Elegy (Ice form) それが運命… (Sore ga unmei...) That is destiny... That's destiny!
Icy or Elegy (Thunder form) 滅びの運命… (Horobi no unmei...) The Destiny of Destruction... Destroy!
Hell Pavane これで終わり… (Kore de owari...) This is the end... Say goodbye!
Defeated (Mega Man ZX) きゃっ…! (Kya...!) Kya! - -
Defeated (Mega Man ZX Advent) まだ駄目… (Mada dame...) Not yet... This isn't over!

Other game appearances[]

Mega Man X DiVE[]

Pandora appears as a boss, but also as a playable S-Rank Hunter Program as part of a collaboration between the game and the Mega Man ZX series, marking the first time she is playable. Her Active Skills are Ice Doll and Homing Plasma.

  • Halloween Pandora this rank S version was added in November 2021, her attacks are Flying Attack and Continuous Circulation.

Other media[]

Mega Man ZX (manga)[]

Pandora appears in the manga adaptation with a largely similar role.

Mega Man (Archie Comics)[]

Pandora has a brief cameo in Issue #55 of the Mega Man comic series, when Dr. Light sees a vision of the Mega Man ZX series due to a time travel research accident.

Yamato Man's spear tip
Yamato Man

Rockman ZX Advent (manga)[]

Pandora and Prometheus appear in the Rockman ZX Evolution release, in the last two chapters of the manga. They are first seen discussing the movements of the Guardians, the Sage Trinity, and the other Rockmen, claiming that the Game of Destiny is about to begin. Once Ashe and Grey meet Vent and the four other Rockmen, Prometheus and Pandora show up too, introducing the idea of the Rockman King to start the Game of Destiny.

Yamato Man



Aile vs. Pandora


  • In Greek mythology, Pandora was the first woman to be created by the gods to punish mankind for tricking them. She was given to Prometheus' brother, Epimetheus, who fell in love with her. However, the gods had also given her a box of evils that she unwittingly opened and released upon the world; the only thing left inside the box was hope. Ironically, Pandora herself has long given up hope of being freed from Albert's clutches and wishes for the end of everything with the "Destiny of Destruction".
    • On a similar note, the one thing left inside Pandora's box was coincidentally the namesake of Project Elpis, which Model W's template, Dr. Weil, was responsible for creating.
  • Her nickname, "Witch", refers to an entity in folklore, primarily female, who casts magic spells via staffs or wands, and were known to practice magic. Although stereotypically supplied with a pointy hat, they also can have elaborate outfit designs, like Pandora.


  • Pandora adopts the ranged attacks and elements of ice and lightning from Models X, L, and H, while her brother adopts the other three. This alignment is reflected in her armor's colors: blue and green.
  • Interestingly, Prometheus and Pandora's unique Model W armors look completely different from the horned golden armors that Model W bestows upon Serpent and Albert.
  • The panel next to Pandora's capsule confirms her serial number as DAN-002 ("Doctor Albert Number Zero Zero Two"). By the time her capsule is found by the protagonist, the panel states that she has 246939 seconds left to live, which means 2 days, 20 hours, 35 minutes and 39 seconds.[10]
  • Pandora and Prometheus could be considered a dark twist to the concept behind Mega Man and Roll; both pairs were created as sibling robots and are similarly close to each other. Their serial numbers also reflect this.
  • Pandora and Prometheus are the only bosses fought in both Mega Man ZX and Mega Man ZX Advent. They are also fought as the penultimate bosses in both games.
  • During development, Pandora was named "Uphir" (ユフィール), after a demon physician.
    • Likewise, early concept art for her indicated her pods in her helmet could come to life and even further transformations. In addition, her elements were originally be ice and fire instead of ice and thunder.

Notes and references[]

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