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Panic in the Lighthouse is the fiftieth episode of Mega Man: Fully Charged. It will air on Cartoon Network on May 21.


When Chaotique breaks into Dr. Light's lab, Mega Man must shut down his frenemy and the lab's defenses before either of them gets destroyed!


Major Events

  • The Chip showed in "hide and seek" is revealed not to be the "mega Key" insteads contain part of the memory of Aki, for this was hidden and  protected with a powerful force field capable nearly destroy chaotique.
    • This has returned to Aki at the end of the episode.
  • And the real mega key is a reestructure quantic chamber made for robotical repairs and upgrades, but only as a last resource, because can erase the mind and selfwill of the patience with the most small mistake 
  • The mega key was used for first time to repair Chaotique
  • It is revealed Dr Light always knew Aki was Megaman


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