Pantheon Core (パンテオン・コア Panteon Koa) is the boss of the "Destroy Train" mission in Mega Man Zero. It is the central brain managing all of the train routes for goods and military units into Neo Arcadia. Even in the event of an emergency, this Pantheon can immediately transmit new routes to the nearby terminal brains to avoid even the smallest of schedule delays. When dealing with unauthorized personnel, it launches a sophisticated, precise attack on the intruder. However, its narrowly-focused design is, at times, its own vulnerability.

Ciel asked Zero to destroy Neo Arcadia's transport train to disrupt its supply and rescue Totten, a Cyber-elf that was stolen from the Resistance. Zero fights against the Pantheon Core inside the train's engine chamber, having a limited time (less then 3 minutes) to destroy it before the train arrives to its destination. It can only be damaged on the Pantheon head, which is weak to Thunder attacks.


  • Flame Attack - Pantheon Core releases two small flames followed by a large flame.
  • Piston Attack - Pantheon Core tries to smash Zero into hidden spikes on the ceiling by lifting the six pistons on the floor, one at a time. The speed and amount of pistons raised increase as its health is reduced, lifting up to five pistons in a row.
  • EX Skill: Brain Pressure (ブレインプレッシャー) - The Pantheon Core opens all spikes from the ceiling and will slowly move forward to reduce Zero's space while it's attacking with the flamethrower and 1 or 2 of the floor segments go up, depending of Zero's position. It does this twice, each time covering one of the pistons.


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