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Pararoid (パラロイド) is the weird dragonfly enemy in Morph Moth's stage in Mega Man X2, and two of which enter into large mechaniloids. Destroy the dragonfly to destroy the mechs as well.

There are three types: S-38, V-1, and R-5... according to the end credits.

Types of Pararoids

Pararoid S-38

Pararoid S-38, alias Metaroid, are specialized Pararoid that inhabit large robot bodies(Old Robots) and serve as the midbosses. There are two of them. Destroy the Pararoid to destroy the giant robot as well.

Pararoid R-5

R-5 are the winged non-boss Pararoid variety. They try to fly on to X's head and latch on to disorient and damage him. The version in X5 can also cling to ceilings and shoot.

Pararoid V-1

Unlike the R-5, the V-1 variety are wingless, but they hop about and try to latch on to X's head to disorient him.

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