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The PavilionComp or PavilonComp is a network location in Mega Man Battle Network 6 and serves as one of the game's final stages. It is housed in the Expo Site. The player has to face JudgeMan.EXE, ElementMan.EXE and CircusMan.EXE.


The PavilionComp is an amalgamation of all the previous stages played, in the order AquariumComp, JudgeTreeComp, MrWeatherComp and RobCtrlComp. As such the mechanics of each area are already known at this point, although the areas are a bit more difficult than the originals.

The Aquarium area has more tricky hints for the programs to find and the player can no longer have Lan check fishes for information. JudgeTree area has a more difficult layout. MrWeatherComp's area is bigger and the upper area has multiple clouds making encircling the typhoons more complicated. Finally the RobCtrl area has the player defeat Evil Spirits in Virus Battles, and the "fire bursts" are more prone to attack further away from blocks. The viruses in each are also vastly different.


When Lan and his friends visit the Expo Site in a pre-opening event, Dr. Wily reveals the place to be WWW's base and sends hordes of CopyBots controlled by HeelNavis after them. Lan avoids capture thanks to ProtoMan.EXE using a CopyBot of his own and flees with Chaud.

With Chaud and Mr. Mach serving as decoys for the WWW CopyBots, Lan uses a secret passage from Cyber Academy leading back to the Expo. There he finds the Ex-WWW members, Prosecutor Ito, Vic and Yuika who assault the place attempting to steal Wily's Cybeast.

As Lan pursues after them, the criminals individual hack the systems in order to interrupt Lan's progress, even leaving their Navis behind to delete MegaMan.EXE but they are all deleted one by one. Lan catches up to the them trying to open the final door, but the criminals cleverly attempt to use their increased physical strength over a younger boy as their advantage, but before they can they are all cornered by the WWW CopyBots.

They are all saved by Lan's friends Navis using CopyBots of their own joined by ProtoMan who saves Mick's and Tab's Navis as they were vastly outnumbered. The criminals now cornered jump from the building, however the fall leaves them unconscious and to be arrested later.

Lan urges his friends to evacuate people from Cyber City as a fight between two Cybeasts (the one in Wily's possession and the one in MegaMan's body) is bound to have hazardous repercussions. Lan then ventures into the door with a weakened yet determined Baryl who wishes to stop his adoptive father from his lunacy.


  • This stage layout is similar to the WWW base from the first game, as it was also a large mix of all its stages.
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