Pepe (ペペ), known as Peng in some English sources, is a flying, robotic penguin that made their first appearances in Ice Man's Stage and the third Wily Stage from the first Mega Man game.

In the original Mega Man and both of its remakes, Mega Man: The Wily Wars and Mega Man Powered Up, Pepes fly in from the right side of the screen and travel to the left in a wavy pattern. They can be especially dangerous while crossing gaps, as the knock back Mega Man receives from being hit can cause him to fall off platforms and into pits.

Pepes also appear as enemies in Super Adventure Rockman.

Pepe in Mega Man Network Transmission

Pepe appears as a virus in Mega Man Network Transmission. They fly like the original, but the range of movement isn't as large. Also, the virus is much larger than the original enemy.

Virus Stats

Dropped: DoubJump
Location: Waterworks Comp

Other media

Pepe had short appearances in the Archie Comics Mega Man comic book series, in Mega Man Megamix, and the Rockman manga.


Similar enemies

Enemies similar to Pepes.

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