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"Professor Punkowski, reporting for duty!
Ha! 'Duty'..."
—Peter to Aki Light, Hard Times in Silicon City

Peter Punkowski is a human who appears in Mega Man: Fully Charged. He attends Silicon Central, the same school as Aki Light and Suna Light.[1]


Peter has blond curtained hair and cyan eyes, and wears blue double-bridge round glasses, a maroon shirt with white/blue stripes, a blue bowtie, a lime backpack, white lime-tipped socks, red and blue sandals, and beige cargo shorts supported by lime suspenders. One of his defining characteristics is the green snot that dangles from his nose, which he has to constantly sniff back up or wipe off on his arm.


Peter is a nerdy kid who has a (literally) snotty attitude, and he seems to be knowledgeable about old weapons from the Hard Age.


  • His voice actor, Cole Howard, who also voices Bert Wily in the series, is known for being the voice of Mega Man from Mega Man Powered Up.[2]
  • In some of the official episode summaries, his named is shorten to be Peter Punk. This fits in with the "music theme" that the Mega Man franchise is known for, as "punk" is a genre of rock music. The "Punk" part of Peter's name is also a slight nod to one of the Mega Man Killers with the same name, Punk.



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