Peterchy (ペターキー Petākī) is a walking eye reconnaissance robot from Mega Man 3. They continuously walk forward to attack. They appear in Magnet Man, Spark Man and Shadow Man's stages.

They appear in Magnet Man's Stage in Mega Man II and Hyper Storm H's Stage in Mega Man: The Wily Wars.

In Super Adventure Rockman, a Peterchy sits on top of the ceiling and reveals Mega Man's location.

Hits data chart

Amount of shots/hits from Special Weapons it takes to destroy a Peterchy.

Mega Man 3
Mega Buster Needle Cannon Magnet Missile Gemini Laser Hard Knuckle Top Spin Search Snake Spark Shock Shadow Blade
3 3 2 2 1 1 3 * 2
Mega Man: The Wily Wars
Mega Buster Rolling Cutter Super Arm Ice Slasher Hyper Bomb Fire Storm Thunder Beam
3 3 ? * 1 1 2
Metal Blade Air Shooter Bubble Lead Quick Boomerang Crash Bomber Time Stopper Atomic Fire Leaf Shield
2 3 3 3 1 Y 2:1:1 1
  • Damage values for Mega Man 3's weapons in The Wily Wars are the same as in the original game.


Petaforth (ペタフォース Petafōsu) is an upgrade of Peterchy in Mega Man 7. They occupy particular platforms and walk back and forth across them. They appear in Freeze Man's stage, Cloud Man's stage, Burst Man's stage, and Spring Man's stage.

Other media

Mega Man (Archie Comics)

The Peterchy have a brief cameo in Issue 43, where some were sucked into a reversed dynamo, causing them to detonate and presumably damage the dynamo while Magnet Man is monologuing to himself.

They also appear in Sonic: Worlds Unite Battles as one of the robots from the first three games in the Sky Patrol's training room.


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