For his video game counterpart, see PharaohMan.EXE. For his Zoanoroid counterpart, see Zoano PharaohMan.EXE.

PharaohMan.EXE (ファラオマン Faraoman) is an antagonist in the first season of the MegaMan NT Warrior anime series, acting as the last villain of the First Area. An immensely strong Solo NetNavi proclaiming to be the ultimate Navi and possessing one of the three Ultimate Programs, PharaohMan is the only character to have deleted MegaMan.EXE, though PharaohMan himself was deleted upon the latter's revival. After his deletion, his residual data reformed and reincarnated as Bass.EXE.


Unlike his video game counterpart, PharaohMan is not a member of the WWW, but rather rejects and is is insulted by the idea of being under Mr. Wily's control.

In the anime, PharaohMan was an extremely powerful Solo NetNavi. So powerful in fact, that Mr. Wily once referred to him as an Ultimate NetNavi. He was created 20 years ago by Tadashi Hikari (the father of Yuichiro and grandfather of Lan), and had him intended to monitor and guide the flow of data across the Net and had full access to it as a result. He was put to rest by Dr. Hikari once he had discovered that PharaohMan had been infected by a virus. Also, there were fears, such as Commander Beef put it, that all that power would ultimately corrupt the Navi. Attempting to delete him would have given PharaohMan a chance to escape, which the risk was too great, so he was sealed away in a remote location, where he could do no harm.

Anime History

MegaMan NT Warrior

PharaohMan awakens due to sensing the powers of both MegaMan and ProtoMan fighting during the N1 Grand Prix finals. After awakening, he attempts to delete ProtoMan, but MegaMan had intercepted the attack by pushing ProtoMan out of the way, thus getting deleted himself. After ProtoMan was forced to retreat following that, PharaohMan proceeds to sink the artificial island that the Grand Championship had been held on. Afterwards, he began wrecking havoc randomly all over the world with no one able to stop him, though according to Commander Beef, PharaohMan was searching for something, that being his own data. PharaohMan wished to return to the place he was born so he could take it, believing that he was born to be a king and rule the world, and learned soon that he had been sleeping for 20 years.

To do that, he hacked into SciLab and took over the entire network, forcing everyone inside to evacuate. However, SharkMan, SkullMan, and WoodMan infiltrate his base in an attempt to shut down its power. They were turned to stone by PharohMan's viruses, but they still succeeded in cutting the power source. However, PharaohMan somehow manages to reboot the systems. ProtoMan later confronts PharaohMan himself, but had little success in fighting him. The recently revived MegaMan arrived with the aid ProtoMan and together they performed a double Program Advance, knocking PharaohMan back and burying him in the ruins of his own base. PharaohMan soon reemerged, but was captured by StoneMan and BlasterMan and taken to Wily's lair. Wily attempted to reprogram PharaohMan, but he self-destructed, stating that he would rather be deleted than serve Wily, crippling Wily's base.

Some of PharaohMan's remaining data would later be reborn as both the Grave Virus Beast and Bass.


In the anime, PharaohMan was an Ultimate NetNavi, due to possessing an Ultimate Program. With it, he was able to control the flow of data of the entire network singlehandedly. His powers were so great that even an army of BlasterMan and StoneMan clones couldn't even scratch him, before PharaohMan crushed the army.

According to Commander Beef, PharaohMan had never used his full power before due to a virus that had infected his systems when he was first created, but even with his full power unable to be unleashed, PharaohMan had been able to perform many problems throughout the entire world in the short time he had awakened. He had also managed to reboot the entire system in SciLab that was shut down, despite the fact that all power had been cut off.

It was only through the use of a Double Program Advance that MegaMan and ProtoMan used that PharaohMan had managed to be pushed back, allowing Dr. Wily to capture him, though PharaohMan self-destructed, not wanting to be controlled by a human.

Even though most of his data and Ultimate Program were used to create the Grave Virus Beast, PharaohMan's will hadn't ended as his remaining data reformed into a new Navi, Bass, essentially making Bass PharaohMan's reincarnation, though Bass lacked the might PharaohMan possessed due to the lack of most of his original data and Ultimate Program.