King of Destruction Pharaohman is the twenty-third episode of MegaMan NT Warrior, whereas in the English dub it is the twentieth episode and entitled PharaohMan Reborn!


PharaohMan has returned, and he's back with a vengeance! Mr. Wily sends an army of StoneMan and BlasterMan clones to capture the NetNavi, but PharaohMan has plans of his own. Meanwhile, Lan gets a shock: Chaud actually feels bad about MegaMan being deleted and offers to help him! But maybe MegaMan isn't gone after all, since Lan and his friends find strange data on their PETs. While they try to figure out how to rebuild MegaMan, PharaohMan, angry because he was imprisoned for twenty years and had his "kingdom" taken from him, uses the Cyber Network to cause disasters in the real world. And then, Lan's father shows up to help Lan and his friends--surely he can bring MegaMan back. [1]



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