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Photon Missile (フォトンミサイル Foton Misairu) is Mars's Special Weapon from Mega Man V. When equipped, Mega Man sends out a missile that delays for a second before launching. Each missile also has the ability to pierce through enemies. This is perfect for setting up traps.

Venus, Dark Moon, Quint and Ballade are especially vulnerable to this weapon. Uranus is immune to the Photon Missile.

Damage Data Chart

Damage values in units in Mega Man V.

Photon Missile (MA)
Boss Damage
Mercury 1
Venus 3
Mars 0
Jupiter 1
Saturn 2
Uranus 0
Pluto 1
Neptune 2
Dark Moon 3
Terra 1
Skull Blazer --
Enker 0
Quint 3
Punk 1
Ballade 4
L. Knuckle and R. Knuckle 2
Brain Crusher: 1st Phase --
Brain Crusher: 2nd Phase 2
Sunstar 1


Two Photon Missiles use one weapon energy unit. With a full weapon energy gauge, it can be used 38 times.