Pickman Digger, known as Pickelman Shovel (ピッケルマンショベル Pikkeruman Shoberu) in Japan, is the mid-boss from Impact Man's stage in Mega Man 11. It's a veteran Pickman piloting an excavator that is shaped like a Met's helmet. It can only be damaged by shooting its cockpit. It attacks by rolling back and forth, rolling boulders, dumping dirt on Mega Man, and spinning its arm around to try and sideswipe Mega Man. When it's taken some damage, it will also start summoning Missile Cones to launch even more projectiles at Mega Man.

Its weakness is Block Dropper and can easily be done in with only two hits when the Power Gear is active.


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These heavy diggers are issued only to the most trusted veteran worker robots on Impact Man's construction sites. All the other Pickmans look up to the drivers of these splendid machines.