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Piko Hammer is the Special Weapon used by the Roboticized Master Rose Woman in the crossover Worlds Collide. The weapon converts the users hand into a powerful hammer for smashing, and can also be used to deflect some weapons like the Psycho Burst. Rose Woman first used it to finish off Proto Man, although Mega Man saved him at the last minute. Mega Man focused on acquiring this weapon when both Rose Woman and Knuckles Man ambushed the heroes while their self-destruct protocols were active in the hopes that it would prove to be Knuckles Man's weakness. It proved capable of shattering the metal knuckles of Knuckles Man's Sharp Knuckle weapon and permitted his defeat with seconds to spare. Mega Man later uses it in the fight against the Robot Master army, taking out Blade Man and Sword Man, and in the Wily Egg where it is used to strike a crippling blow against Bass.

For whatever reason, hearts appear when this weapon strikes an object and it makes the sound effect 'piko'.

Mega Man's colors when using this weapon are red and pink.

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