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Pile Driver is Impact Man's Special Weapon in Mega Man 11. Once Mega Man obtains it he gains a special Dash ability that allows him to attack opponents he rams into which shoves them off into an explosion. It can also function as an Air Dash attack as well, but its range is slightly weaker.

Using this weapon with the Power Gear enhances this attack, giving Mega Man a longer dash and generating greater explosions.

Just like the other Special Weapons in Mega Man 11, Pile Driver gives Mega Man new Head Gear and Arm Gear that alters his physical appearance when equipped, rather than simply swapping his colors.  The Head Gear is a helmet that closely resembles Impact Man's (minus the head spike), and the Arm Gear is a jackhammer drill with which Mega Man uses to perform the air dash attack.  It also colors Mega Man's body to be orange on one side and yellow on the other side, much like Impact Man himself.


  • This weapon's long air dash attack when the Power Gear is activated is similar to the Speed Burner's charge attack from Mega Man X2 and Mega Man Xtreme.
  • The Pile Driver was mentioned earlier on a Game Informer post about Mega Man 11, posted in 2017, though its name wasn't revealed at the time.[1]



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