Piledan (パイルダン Pairudan) is an enemy from Mega Man 10 that can attach itself to cannons and flying machines present in their surroundings. They appear in Sheep Man's stage, Wily Castle 3 and Special Stage 2. When attached to a cannon, it starts firing small bullets straight. When attached to flying machine, it gains the ability to throw bombs and a shield in the front.

Buster Only Strategy

  • If the player cannot fire from a distance, they should get up close and unload the three shots it takes to kill it as it is about to transform. If the player lets Piledan transform, the shots they might have fired will be disregarded and they will have to fire four more shots.
  • If the player lets a bomber transform, they should forgo killing it as most attempts will be blocked by its shield or punished by its bombs, so the player must do their best to evade the bombs and Piledan will pass.
  • If the player lets a turret transform, it will shoot four shots at alternating heights. Short hopping to hit its pedestal is risky, but luckily there is a pause between each round of shots Piledan fires, so the player should take advantage of that.


Its name is possibly derived from the action of docking in Mazinger Z's head port, "Pilder On" (パイルダー・オン, Pairudā On).

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