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Pinofeel (ピノフィール Pinofīru) is one of the sub-bosses of Mega Man Zero 2, and it appears in both forest stages of Hyleg Ourobockle and Burble Hekelot. It is a giant wall-like Mechaniloid that guards the ruins from the forests. It attacks with bombs, fires lasers from its gigantic eye, and sticks out its lower jaw of spikes. Its nose can be pulled with the Chain Rod, which can be used as a platform to close range attacks. The Pinofeel has a secret passage on its eye, which leads to a secret room full of E-Crystals. The Pinofeel in Hyleg Ourobockle's stage drops a rare Cyber-elf when defeated.


Pinofeel's main attacks are creating a laser that rebounds across the arena, which can be avoided by staying near the door. Its other attack is producing a small gel-like ball that bounces along the spikes to damage Zero. Just Wall Kick on the wall to dodge it. Sometimes the arena will periodically fill with water. This can be an advantage because it is easier to land a hit and travel back safely.

It is incredibly weak to the Ice Chip, as using just two Ice Buster Shots will instantly destroy it, so this is ideal for speedruns. The Z-Saber is also effective against it.


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