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PlanetMan.EXE (プラネットマン Puranettoman) is an independent NetNavi from the Mega Man Battle Network series whose body is composed of planetary objects.

Game History

Mega Man Battle Network 2

PlanetMan appears in WWW Area 3 as temporary leader of the WWW. PlanetMan guards the final area and asked MegaMan to join them after defeating NapalmMan and PharaohMan. MegaMan refuses and battles him, which results in PlanetMan's deletion.

His V3 form is the enemy with the most HP in the game, sporting 2200 HP, surpassing even Bass and Gospel.

Anime History

MegaMan NT Warrior

PlanetMan appears in one episode of the first season of the show. PlanetMan disrupted a space mission and deleted the NetNavi, prompting Maysa to investigate. He hacks into the computer system of a space shuttle and attempts to shut out Commander Beef until he runs out of air. GutsMan and MegaMan Jack-in to battle him, but GutsMan is held by viruses. They also have trouble battling because there is a delay in the transmission of data, but Mr. Famous gives Lan the extra code which gives MegaMan the AquaCustom Style. PlanetMan is deleted, and Commander Beef manages to get into the space shuttle.



PlanetMan's emblem

PlanetMan is a Wood element Navi, and all the panels around him are broken except for the one he's standing on. Two planets are always revolving around him, one red (Fire) and the other blue (Aqua). Sometimes the planets will shift to green (Wood) and yellow (Elec). The planets circling him can be destroyed by using the elemental weakness they have against them (Ex: Aqua will destroy Fire, Fire destroys Wood, Wood destroys Elec, and Elec destroys Aqua).

  • Fire Tower: When the red planet is in the players row, it will fire a series of flames down that row. Dodge by moving to a different row.
  • Aqua Tower: When the blue planet is in the players row, it will fire a series of water eruptions down that row. Move to another row.
  • Wood Tower: When the green planet is in the players row, it will fire a homing Wood Tower. Dodge it by moving rapidly.
  • Zap Ring: When the yellow planet is in the players row, it will fire a series of paralyzing sparks. Dodge them by moving to another row.
  • Black Hole: PlanetMan creates a black hole and sucks in rocks from the back of the player's area, which fall into the holes.
  • 2X Planet: PlanetMan can respawn the planets.
  • Paper Brigade: PlanetMan can also send a tiny paper airplane at the player which fires bullets. It can be destroyed.
  • When PlanetMan's health becomes low, he'll try to summon the green planet with 2X Planet if one planet has been destroyed, or switch planets out for this one. Because PlanetMan is a Wood-Element Navi, the Wood-Element planet has the added effect of a Grass Stage, slowly healing him as long as it remains intact. At this point, a Fire-Element attack is crucial- it will destroy the green planet and do double damage to PlanetMan if it also hits him.

Battle Chips

IDBattle ChipDescriptionAttackElementCodeCapacityRarity
245MMBN2Chip245PlanetMn Planet smashes 1 enemy!70BC Element Wood Wood P, *64 MB*****
246MMBN2Chip246PlnetMnV2 Planet smashes 1 enemy!80BC Element Wood Wood P, *80 MB*****
247MMBN2Chip247PlnetMnV3 Planet smashes 1 enemy!90BC Element Wood Wood P, *96 MB*****