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The Plug-in PET (プラグインペット Puragu-in Petto) is the second PET model to appear in the Mega Man Battle Network series.


This PET has a sleeker design than the original PET. It is squarish with rounded edges, has an extendable handle in the left side, and a Battle Chip slot in the right side. It features a retractable cord for the operator to jack-in the PET and send the NetNavi to the cyberworld. Most of the PETs seen in the series are a light-blue color, but some characters have uniquely-colored PETs.

In the games

This PET appeared in Mega Man Battle Network 3, Mega Man Network Transmission, Mega Man Battle Chip Challenge, and Rockman.EXE WS.

In the anime

This PET appears in the original 56-episodes of the MegaMan NT Warrior anime series.

In the manga

Lan obtains the Plug-in PET after his original PET is crushed in volume four of the MegaMan NT Warrior manga.



Plug-in PET (Netto Color)

Electronic toy versions of the Plug-in PET have been distributed to the Japanese market in two colors, and various toy Battle Chips are also distributed for use on the PETs. The PETs often simulate housing a virtual NetNavi that can battle with fictional computer viruses or other NetNavis, similar to digital pets.



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