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Pokeroku (ポケロク a abbreviation of Pocket and Rock/Rockman) is the name of six PocketStation games that can be downloaded from the Rockman Complete Works games. The characters in the game gain experience and level up, and their data can be loaded into Rockman Complete Works to improve the health and attack of Mega Man and the game's Robot Masters.


Shows the status of the playable characters: A picture of the character, the current level, HP and SP, the five attacks used, experience points needed for the next level and the number of victories and defeats. There is a limit of 9 characters, one being Mega Man and the other eight a Robot Master. The player can keep duplicate Robot Masters, which usually will have different status as their level increase. Some attacks can be traded between characters. The characters can gain experience by using them in the three mini games or by leaving the game on the screensaver. In the screensaver, an exclamation mark appears next to the character when his level increases. When they level up, one or two of their status (HP, AT, SP and DM) increase.
Team Battle
Battle between two teams with a maximum of three fighters on each side. In the beginning of every battle the player chooses his characters in the order they will fight. The characters can't be controlled by the players. If the player's team win, the characters used gain the experience points shown in the beginning, which is shared equally between them. The Team Battle has three stages, the first with 2 opponents and the following ones with three. Sometimes the message PokeRokuNewFighter will appear in the end of a battle, and one of the opponents fought will join the player's team.
Contains two mini games, one played as Mega Man and the other as a Robot Master. The character used receives experience in the end of the game.
A password memorizer.
"Great Battle")
Multiplayer battle against other PocketStation.
(ヤメル, "Stop")
Return to the PocketStation's main screen.


The first 6 games are exclusive to Mega Man, each appearing in a different Pokeroku. The last game is exclusive to the Robot Masters and appears in all Pokerokus.

GameAppears inDetails
Cut Man wo Ute
"Strike Cut Man")
PokerokuA Whac-A-Mole game where the player must hit Cut Man.
Tatakae! Rockman
"Fight! Mega Man")
Pokeroku 2Mega Man walks through a path while shooting at Battons and dodging obstacles. Mega Man explodes if he is hit twice, and he is able to charge his shot to hit multiple Battons at the same time for extra points. Near the end of the path he fights against the Alien. Experience gained is equal to 1/5 of the score obtained.
Go Go Rush!!
Pokeroku 3Obstacle race with Rush.
Get Eddie
(ゲット エディ)
Pokeroku 4Game with Eddie.
Break!! Beat
Pokeroku 5Pop balloons with Beat.
Rockman Dash!
Pokeroku 6Side-scrolling action mini game with Mega Man.
Janken de Battle
(ジャンケンDE BATTLE)
All gamesThe player choose one of the Robot Masters available to play Janken against a Met. Experience gained is equal to 1/2 of the player's score.


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