Poler Kamrous (ポーラー・カムベアス Pōrā Kamubeasu, roughly "Polar Kambeas") is one of the bosses of Mega Man Zero 2 and a member of Fairy Leviathan's Deep Sea Squadron.

Poler is a female[1] Mutos Reploid based on a polar bear, part of her name being possibly derived from Kamuy (カムィ bears are worshipped as Kamuy by the Ainu). She speaks in a turbid way and has a gruff voice.


Zero had the mission to sabotage a computer in Antarctica that controls the defense system of Neo Arcadia, weakening the defense enough to carry out Elpizo's "Operation Righteous Strike". Poler Kamrous was the guardian of the computer room, which is set to -20c°, and there are four cooling systems throughout the stage. Destroying them increases the mission points and the temperature of the computer room to a maximum of 5c°. After the mission, all ice hazards (slippy surfaces and spikes) inside the facility will disappear.


Mission: Destroy Computer Zone
Zero's EX Skill: Triple Shot


Poler Kamrous attacks with a range of ice attacks, summoning ice balls and walls.

  • Pushing Ice - Poler Kamrous creates a short ice wall with spikes on top to slide at Zero. The spikes do not instantly kill Zero if touch but can be destroyed. The wall can be destroyed too.
  • Cracking Ice - Poler Kamrous creates a ice ball that tries to be thrown at Zero.
  • Rushing Claw - Poler Kamrous walks and slashes. Wall kick over her to dodge.
  • EX Skill: Wall Crash (ウォールクラッシュ) - Poler Kamrous creates a wall of ice, then strikes it, sending ice fragments across the room. The wall, when created, will protect her from attacks, and cannot be damaged.

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