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Popla Cocapetri (プープラ・コカペトリ) is one of the Einherjar Eight Warriors in Mega Man Zero 4. Cocapetri is based on the cockatrice, and is specialized in internal tech warfare, including software hacking and communications interference. He is equipped with weaponry that allows him to backdoor computer systems and interact directly with main coding; one favorite method of his matching his cockatrice motif is that he is able to exploit a failsafe protocol through laser etching inscriptions onto a reploid's optical units, that subconsciously activates a manufacturer built in self-containment sequence and override virus that takes over the CPU of the victim, deactivating them as if they were stone. As such, he loves fighting by making foes helpless and using attacks that forces his foes to stay in place. The battle takes place in a room with floors moving up and down, making it more difficult to dodge his attacks. He occupies the ruins of a city with a security system and has taken full control over it, authorizing its directives to detect and destroy any Reploid or human that enters it. He had a grudge against Zero due to Zero insulting him on several occasions.

Mega Man Zero: The Official Complete Works

A Reploid specializing in Electronic Combat, he is very adept at jamming sensors, hacking, and the like. He had lots to do before the implementation of hacker-type Cyber-elves, but lost his job as the use of elves became more popular. In his anger, he willingly joined Weil's side. He is stubborn and short-tempered, and hates it when others tease him about his small size. He has three lenses: one on his torso, and one on each wing, but none of these lenses are visible when he has his wings folded.


Nickname: 鶏眼なる賢蛇 (Keigan naru Kenja, Wise Snake with a Bird's eye view)
EX Skill: Devil Eye (デビルアイ)
Mission: Stop sec system
Zero's EX Skill: Time Stopper


  • CocaPoulet: Creates an egg Mechaniloid (CocaPoulet) that walks and jumps on the floor then disappears. The egg is destroyable.
  • Venom Tail: Launches three green bombs at three ranges.
  • Evil Eye: Launches a greenish-white glyph hologram that causes paralysis. If Zero is hit, players must rapidly press all the directional buttons in random order to free him, otherwise Zero will only be freed when Cocapetri hits him or when enough time elapses.
  • Chicken Wing: Scatters six feather-like daggers that slowly falls to the ground.
  • EX Skill: Devil Eye: Goes into the upper middle of the screen, freezes time, then scatters bombs which then land on the floor.



  • Cocapetri shares his voice actor with the original 1973 incarnation of Casshan.
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