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Poplan (ポップラン Poppuran) is a plant Mechaniloid enemy in Mega Man Zero 2 and Mega Man Zero 4. Similar to Sand Jaws, Poplan attacks by snapping their jaws shut when Zero steps on them, but they also extend to take anyone who tries to jump over them. It is only vulnerable to fire based attacks, like the Flame Chip and Flame Fang, and the Zero Knuckle.

In Mega Man Zero 2, it appears on Forest of Dysis (Hyleg Ourobuckle's stage) and Temple of Wind (Sage Harpuia's second stage).

In Mega Man Zero 4, it appears in Area Zero and Artificial Sun (Sol Titanion's stage). Its parts can be used to make the Chips A-Recover1, A-Recover2, A-Recover3, and Spike Type W.

Mega Man ZX Advent

Poplan makes a cameo appearance in Mega Man ZX Advent in Amy's request, where the player can choose one of the six potted plants from Legion headquarters to be placed in the last room opened by Kidd in Hunter's Camp 4. The comment she gives if the player chooses this plant is: "*shriek* Did you see that!? That flower moved! Of all plants you could've chosen... Oh well, here's your compensation."

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